• When: 01-21-2017
  • QIC: Cyclone, Tommyknocker, Zuckerberg, Enterprise, Serena
  • The PAX: Pipeline, Enterprise, Heisenberg, Robber, Tommyknocker, FNG Two Times, Beacon, Quaker, King James, Stones (Respect), Early Bird, Holy Poker, High Interest, Sunshine, Cyclone (Respect), Improv, Kenny G, Hee Haw, Beads, Wingback, Viper (Wingy's 2.0), Training Wheels, Nedry, Cage, Drummer Boy, Zuckerberg, Serena.

Visits to The Mission

21 days into the New Year, we were geeked to have 27 PAX post for today’s Mission workout. As hopefully everyone will attest, this AO is especially special…where all 3 Fs consistently show-up. We were so happy to welcome 5 PAX that traveled all the way from the Grand Strand, rising in the gloom to get to us on time (it was great to have y’all!). We pray your travels were safe and worthwhile, that you continue to pay-it-forward in Myrtle Beach, and that we see you again soon! Our local AO visit today came from the F3 Columbia Stumble run group (near & dear to YHC’s heart…buncha HIMs!). The Exchange Program is showing some great promise, next week we look forward to seeing Thunder!

The Thang (All exercises 4 ct In Cadence, unless noted.

After an always entertaining disclaimer (“if you get hurt, we’ll call you an ambulance”) from Zuckerberg, Cyclone kicked us off with….
SSHs x 30
Flutter Kicks x 30
BBSUs x 20

LittleBabyArmCircles x 16 (fwd) x 16 (back)
Mtn Climbers x 16

Line-up for 2 column Indian Run counter-clockwise around the pond, climb stairs to the “Grassy Knoll”.

Slow Count Squat x 31
Reverse Crunch x 15

Tommyknocker shares what F3 means to him: “F3 is a glue to my recovery–it keeps me together!”

Mosey down the steps, continue around the pond to the side field. Plank till 6 arrives.

Zuckerberg led us in a get-close-and-personal exercise called the “Squerkin” (it looked a lot worse than it felt). As Stones said, “this is where you meet your deductible”.
Partner-up, wheelbarrow to the first cone (1 merkin for partner that’s the wheel, 1 squat for the parter that’s the handles), wheelbarrow to second cone (21 merkins, 21 squats), wheelbarrow to third cone (17 merkins, 17 squats). Idea was “to do something to remember the day”, counting-out today’s date 1-21-17, and memorable it was (#hard…and weird!).

Zuckerberg shares what F3 means to him: with OGM Recovery Program, it’s “holistic health”.

Line-up for Indian Run out the trail leaving Finlay Park. About 1/3 of the way along the trail, we stop to do
Merkins x 16
Squats x 16
Flutter Kicks x 16.

Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Bear Crawl back the trail. Recovery.

Line-up for Indian Run back to the flag.
At this point, we picked-up a Billy Zane (one the second try).

Back at the flag, Enterprise shares what F3 means to him: Story of the Clay Pot–he’s now filling his pot with God, fellowship and F3. “F3 means the world to me literally. You guys and the Church are my new life”.

Enterprise closes us with:
Chopper Squats x 20
Zestos (the sexiest exercise of the day) x 10 each leg.

AAR: After Action Report
Welcome FNG Gary Douglas “Two Times”
Prayer Intentions
Heisenberg closes us in prayer (always powerful!)

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