• When: 06/08/2017
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Schrute, Harper Valley, Stats, Wojo, Short Circuit, Dufresne, Cornwallis, Ratched, Big Load, Major Gas, Red Baron, Sacagawea, Mayhem, Flight Risk, Bolt, Hope Solo

Battle of Pine Street Hill—Part 2

A throw-back to Hope Solo’s first Q to see the progress of the Pax since February, we brought back a slightly more difficult version of the Battle of Pine Street Hill. 15 PAX joined the Q on a perfect morning—60 degrees, some wind, and no humidity. There were no excuses for poor performance…except everyone’s soreness from Tuesday’s workout.Warm-A-Rama: All in Cadence.

  1. SLOW Squat x 12.
  2. SLOW Merkins x 12.
  3. Little Baby “Snookie” Arm Circles–Front/Back x 12.
  4. Raise the Roof x 12.
  5. SSH x 12.

The Thang:

  1. Hallelujah Indian Run with Coupons (Bricks)
  2. Battle of Pine Street Hill, Part 2: Partnered Up for 10 rounds total of hill and core work: Partner 1 runs backwards up to Pine Street with Bricks; 10 SSH with Bricks; Partner 1 then sprints down to starting point. While Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 does American Hammer with Bricks. Switch and Partner 2 does 9 until SSH at the top of the hill until complete. Core work alternates between American Hammer and Big Boy Situps.
  3. Indian Run with Bricks back to Rectory Square
  4. With a partner & Bricks:
    1. Partner 1: 20 merkins; Partner 2: Squats; Switch.
    2. Partner 1: 15 merkins; Partner 2: Squats; Switch.
    3. Partner 1: 10 merkins; Partner 2: squats; Switch.
    4. Partner 1: 5 merkins; Partner 2: Squats; Switch.
  1. Lunge & Brick Pass with Partner (it looked easier on the internet!): 10 reps in each direction.
  2. Tennis Court workout with Partner
    1. Partner 1 Wheelbarrows partner 2 to end line; Partner 2 does 12 Iron Cross; Switch.
    2. Partner 1 Wheelbarrows partner 2 to end line; Partner 2 holds plank. Partner 1 jumps over Partner 2 while he holds plank. 10 total, 5 each side; Switch.
    3. Partner 1 wheelbarrows partner 2 to end line; Partner 2 does 12 decline Merkins; Switch.
  1. More Core Work: Race your partner to 75 Little Baby Crunches.

We then moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM. No announcements, but there was a continued prayer request for Harper Valley’s friend’s father who is still in the Hospital in Columbia.Putting out an APB for Barry & String Bean.Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to lead and be a part of this great group of men. This will likely be the last time Wojo and I are allowed to Q in the same week.

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