• When: 04/25/2017
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Neon, Bolt, Mr. Roper, Abby Wambach, Flight Risk, Ratchet, Stats, Pothole, Big Load, Barry, Schrute, Harper Valley, Cornwallis, Abacus, Snookie, Orville, Timber, Sacagawea, DuFresne, and ½ of Mayhem.

A Workout to Remember: Coast Guard 6535

Conditions: 56 and Clear. Little wind, very damp.As I told the PAX shortly after the jaunt around Rectory Square by way of a Burpee Indian Run for the warm-up (and which saw a PAX injury—glad I did the disclaimer—and so sorry it happened Mayhem!), every single workout has a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is subconscious, while on other occasions we may do it for vanity or for health purposes. Today, our purpose was to honor our heroes—we honored a family friend of the QIC, his three fellow airmen of Coast Guard Flight 6535, and countless others we have lost in the service of this great nation.The PAX joined together to honor the selfless service and sacrifice of the crew of Coast Guard Flight 6535—Lt. Cmdr. Dale Taylor, Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron, Chief Petty Officer Fernando Jorge, and Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Light who were forever lost on February 28, 2012 when their helicopter crashed. Every year, since that day, Coasties everywhere perform a workout to honor and protect the memories of that Crew.THE THANG:HH65 Memorial Workout:The PAX grabbed a single partner and worked together to get 65 air squats and 35 burpees. The reps could be divided as necessary, but one partner had to be working at all times. Once completed, the partners ran around Rectory Square and the run portions had to be completed together. The PAX then rinsed and repeated three additional times to honor all four members of the HH6535 Crew.Core Work:

  • Plank—low, high, alternating arms, shoulder taps.
  • Six inches—flutter kicks, six inches, flutter kicks.
  • LBCs until all the PAX complete the HH6535 workout.

To Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron—you will never be forgotten.

COT. BOM.Announcements. Abbreviated workout on Saturday due to the Clinic Classic 5K run on 04/29/2017.

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