• When: 2019-01-11
  • QIC: Cootie
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Stay Puff, Grand Pepe, Belding, Cootie

White Shadow

YHC provided the planned route on the DM board the day before so at the 1 minute warning, YHC gave a brief overview to make sure all the PAX were comfortable. The route was named Le Tour de Escargot due to the Strava art of the route resembling somewhat of a snail. HT decided it looked like White Shadow from the movie Turbo.

At about 28 degrees outside, YHC didn’t want to stand around too long so started with a quick prayer and off the PAX went. We had 2 runners, 2 mall walkers and 1 Rucker. Runners headed up Bernard to do a loop around Clamp drive neighborhood then to 245 via Trotter St. A loop was made around Georgia ave neighborhood then south on 245 to highway 1. Took a left on 1 and continued until taking another left at Mayor Hollywood’s Mansion. The route was finished with a familiar stroll down East Crosson and Long Terrace back to Rooster. The others had a slightly modified route that cut out 245 and 1. All got better!

announcements: Valley 1 year 1/12 @6:30, Doodle marathon on 1/12

Prayer concerns: Doodle and family for safe trip and run and SK’s recovery. Stay Puff’s surgery on 1/14 morning.