• When: 2019-01-11
  • QIC: Chop Block
  • The PAX: Pinot, Watergate, Sparty, Chop Block, Pepto, Ryans, Steel Toe, Sweet Tart, Dance Off, Double Fault, Olive Oil, Cheddar, Black Lung, ET Booster

Frozen futbol at RBHS

15 PAX showed for some frozen futbol at RBHS. Was quite the honor playing in front of such a great crowd (21 reaper PAXs). Those merkins and burpees looked hard guys.

Anyway- it was cold (mid 20s) and here are the top 5 moments from today’s matchup:

  1. Dance Off is a man among boys. The ball comes off his foot differently than the rest of us. Pinot is already recruiting him for his men’s league team.
  2. Had a few PAX back who haven’t been with us in a while. Watergate (2 months), Sparty (unsure?) and ET (unsure? but I think 2008) were all ready to roll and showed no signs of rust. Good to have those guys out there.
  3. Quality performances from Olive Oil, Chop Block, Steel Toe, and always steady Pinot. I don’t really know what the score was, but these guys stood out as having almost as good of a game as Dance Off, Sweet Tart, Watergate, and Black Lung.
  4. Speaking of Black Lung, he got kicked in the nuts by the ball at mach speed from 3 feet by Dance Off. Don’t worry we had a doctor on the scene who actually ran away from the situation (Pepto). It was fine though- somehow the glow of the soccer ball seeped into Black Lungs balls and now his testicles glow….crazy stuff.
  5. Can’t forget about Ryans, Cheddar, and Doublefault. Ryans played on the wrong side of the hash marks of the game, reminded of a golfer who plays a draw on a bunch of dogleg rights- ball always curving the wrong way. Cheddar had some pretty close range shots somehow barley miss and I can’t remember much about Double Fault, he was wearing all black and hard to see.

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