• When: 2019-01-11
  • QIC: Dirty Bird
  • The PAX: 19 PAX, Breakfast Club, Treadmill, Swanson, Wapner, Canseco, Wilbur, Tater, Pick Axe, Quisenberry, Double Fault, Buttermaker (Respect), Dance Off, Boo (Respect), Tattoo, Dead Bolt, Chedder, Pocahontis, Jobu, and Dirty Bird (Respect)

Dirty Bird Brings the Wing Pain To Turning Point

Dirty Bird Conducts Crawl About with Turning Point

Turning Point—January 10th, 2019 0500AM

Location: Midway Elementary School

Weather: 32 degrees

Recap: Dirty bird Chicks went for a crawl about the AO and mixed in exercizes.  19 Pax completed a multitude of exercises with a bear crawls between each.

Disclaimer: No professionals here, so modify if you have to, do not injure yourself.

Prayer requests- of the men at F3 Turning Point, Family, Kids, Cousins, Dads, Mother in Laws, Maxie Westmoreland with Cancer, F3 wife Rhuematoid visit, Fry Daddy, and all F3 men.

Devo- Dealing With Guilty Feelings

  • January 10, 2019
  • Psalm 32:1-7False guilt, which is not prompted by sin, can surface for a variety of reasons, such as disappointment in one’s own performance, a sense of shame over past events, or criticism from others for unmet expectations. Rejection or a pattern of abuse from childhood can also trigger this emotion. False guilt is a powerful weapon the enemy uses to direct our thoughts away from the Lord.Addressing guilt quickly is important. Acknowledge the emotion to the Lord, and identify the reason behind it. If you’ve violated God’s law, ask His forgiveness, and take steps to change the behavior. If you discover false guilt, confess it and ask God to adjust your thinking to match His. In either case, praise Him because He doesn’t want His children carrying unnecessary burdens and has promised to forgive our sins.
  • Whether false or real, the emotion of guilt divides our mind, drains our energy, and creates a sense of insecurity. If we allow it to linger, we can start to have doubts about God’s goodness and love for us. Depression and hopelessness may follow. To cope, some people develop compulsive behaviors in an attempt to replace self-reproach with something pleasurable. Excessive amounts of food, television, internet, shopping, and exercise are common ways people try to push away self-condemning thoughts.
  • Guilt comes from a feeling of responsibility for some wrongdoing. Conviction can result from the Holy Spirit’s efforts to turn us away from sin and guide us to our heavenly Father. But not all guilt stems from ungodly actions.

Begin Workout

  • COT/BOM/Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance.Today’s workout featured 300 plus yards of bear crawling with exercises in between. Some exercises completed were BBSU x 140, SSH X 15, LBAC X 15, High Plank, Merkins x 100, Squats x120, Through the tunnel x 15,  Great Work MEN.
  • Announcements: MGC Long Run-February 2, 2019