• When: 2018-03-03
  • QIC: Tinkle, Hot 4 Teacher, Overnight, Rebar, Good Hands
  • The PAX: Lt. Dan, Whisper, Nature Boy, Fast Casual, Dead Bolt, Utah, Netflix, Weekend Special, Dunphy, Quest, Floppy Disk, Hopper, Spackle, Voltron, House, Dance Machine, Moist, Meter, Itchy, Pick Axe, Muggy Tape, Slum Lord, Half Empty, Pick Up, Sawdust, Squatter, Dry Socket, Granola, Grout, Chedda, Recall, Hemingway, Escobar, Bar Crawl, Enterprise, Training Wheels, Rate Hike, Long Haul, Overage, Ocho Cinco, Baconator, Rocking Chair, Mercy Rule, Paddles, No Help, The Big Peter, Iron Mary, All 9s, Kyrie, Say What, Quisenberry50, Meatball, Grave Digger, Blindside, Brother Si, Buzzsaw, FNG Pimple, Kenwood, Chum, Swanson, Katniss, Dead Stick, Cheers, Notebook, Cook Out, Beaker, Blaze, Putt Putt, Freon, Toe Tag, Flipper, Drysdale, Banjo, Brick, Shades of Grey, Potluck, Honey Boo Boo, Chuck Wagon, Malfunction Junction, GED, Dirty Bird, Farkus, Pole Dancer, Terminix, Happy Trees, Mermaid, Nub, Mac, Matlock, Tater, Richter, Button, FNG Hot Flash, Hoboken, Stalker, Trickle, Heisenberg, Lego, Tuff Guy, Chair, Tail Pipe100, Milli Vanilli, Shine, Thumbs Up, Strut, Eve, Hanging Chad, Blackout, Co-Pay, FNG Dress Code, Nozit, Scotch, Honey Bun, Ebert, Emmy, Chin Strap, Higgins, Taurasi, Chop Block, Pepto, Abner, Miranda, Siskel, Olive Oil, Black Lung, Peg Leg, Boo Boo, Adluh, Stink Bait, Postal, Rumble Strip, Can't Get Right, Rooney, Lobo, No Show, Breaker Breaker, Double Fault, Choo Choo, Alter Boy, Hoist, Paper Jam, Juice, Digger, Forest, Clipboard, Ranger, Dozer, Pearl, Sweet Tart, Pawn Star, Half Sack, Ponzi, Stagecoach, Ken Doll, Good Hands, Tinkle, Overnight, Rebar, Hot 4 Teacher

“We Need a Guy”

Over 4 years ago, just after posting for his 1st workout at Depot, Ken Doll asked F3 to use him, and did they ever.  33 AOs and 1331 Pax later here we are at the 4 year anniversary of the Big Bang.  It is highly likely that F3 would have spread to Lexington anyway but F3 needed to make sure that they identified “the guy” to make it happen.  There would need to be someone in place to be the Nantan (cultural/spiritual Leader within a Starfish-modelled Organization who Influences through VAPE: Vision, Articulation, Persuasion and Exhortation) and Ken Doll was there stepping forward before the sweat was dried from his first post.  He hadn’t even been Ken Doll for a day before he knew this is where he wanted to be.

Personally, I can say that I have seen my friend grow spiritually more in the past 4 years than in the over 20 years that I have known him.  The strength, maturity, humility and the discernment he shows during difficult times is unmatched.  F3 doesn’t change you, people do.  Ken Doll will tell you that each and every one of you have impacted his life.  He will tell you that Walker and Cheech have impacted his life eternally and he will be forever grateful.  The workouts, the runs, the races, the events, the coffaterias, the relationships, the love…

163 Pax descended on Graveyard, where it all began for this region.  3 FNGs posted for the first time.  This was a special day.

Conditions: 37 degrees, clear and breezy

The Thang:


Big Ole BOM – Pledge & Prayer (Tinkle)


SSH x 20 IC (Good Hands)

Burpees x 10 OYO (Overnight)

Twerk Squats x 15 IC (Tinkle)

TTT x 15 IC (Rebar)

BBSU x 15 OYO (Hot 4 Teacher)

At this time the Pax broke off into 3 groups.  Overnight took the pax to the corner of the stadium for a Core/Boneyard style work out, Rebar kept the Ultimate Frisbee guys on the football field and Tinkle, H4T and GH took the bootcamp pax to the entrance of the stadium.

The bootcamp pax were then broken into 3 additional groups and rotated every 12 minutes between 3 stations.

Tinkle Station 1:

Run up stadium stairs
11 Burpees
Run down stadium stairs
Station#1 11 curls 4 the girls
Lunge to next station
#2 11 overhead squats
Lunge to next station
#3 11 Tricep extensions
Rinse and Repeat adding 1 rep every time

H4T Station 2:

Partner 1: tire hits

Partner 2: 30 merkins, then one lap around traffic circle


Round 2:

Partner 1: tire hits

Partner 2: 5 burpees and 1 lap


Good Hands Station 3:

Pain Train on Reaper Hill (a Ranger special and he was out front)

Suicide type workout.  Running up and down Reaper Hill alternating 20 Merkins and 20 Squats at each stop with 5 Burpees at the bottom  Continue until time called.

Core/Boneyard w/ Boneyard

Tabata 2 Min amrap 2 Min stair climb rotated exercise stair climb
Flutter kicks
Chest press

Ultimate Frisbee hosted by Rebar

2 games going and the good guys won each.  We did have to cut them short due to time constraints.  Sorry Rebar.


FK 20 IC (H4T)

Russian Twist 20 IC (RB)

Dying Cockroach 20 IC (Tinkle)

Iron Cross 20 IC (Overnight)

Freddie Mercury 20 IC (H4T)

GH Boat/Canoe


Dozer presented Ken Doll with pax signed F3 flag.

Floppy Disk gave a special “thank you” and presented Ken Doll with gifts from the pax for him and his family.

Ken Doll: “Where there is not vision people perish” Proverbs 29:18

Prayer (H4T)

Announcement:  There was 1.  Ken Doll is passing the Nantan flag to Ranger.  There could not be 2 better guys to lead this group of men.  Ranger is as “Respect” as they come and as Ken Doll said, “he ain’t going away.”  Ken Doll also mentioned an upcoming mentoring opportunity within the community.  Stay tuned as more to come.

Devo (H4T):

Credit goes to Cheech for reading this to us a while back:

Have you ever been so cold that your fingers and toes became numb? What is especially interesting is how the numbing process is so gradual.  As the warm air is slowly replaced by the cold, we sit there oblivious to the change.  Then all of a sudden, there’s a stinging pain.  The stiffness makes it hard to regain comfort.  We try to wiggle our toes, but they won’t move quickly enough.  We blow warm air into our gloves to ward off the throb, but by then, it’s too late.  The damage is done

Many years ago I heard a story about an ancient tribe of Arctic dwellers.  They used the numbing effect of ice to destroy the wolves that were coming into their camps and killing their valuable dogs and other animals.

The hunters would coat a knife blade with fresh blood of an animal, let it freeze, then repeat the same thing over and over until the sharp steel was concealed by a thick covering of frozen blood.  Then they would stick it into the ground, handle down and blade exposed upward.  When the wolf’s well trained nose would find the exciting, flavorful “Popsicle” trap it would begin to lick it.  As the wolf’s tongue slowly numbed, the smell of the blood drove him to keep licking.  By the time it licked down to the finely sharpened blade, its tongue would be so deadened by the ice that the wolf didn’t know the blade was slicing its tongue to shreds.  Wounded, the predator would wander off into the woods and likely starve to death.

While this method of hunting is unusually cruel, it is effective.  The way intense cold sneaks up and wreaks havoc is a good picture of spiritual truth.  Through habitual sin, the “skin of our spirit,” can be numbed, which eventually can block our ability to feel the “godly sorrow that leads us to repentance” (2 Corinthians 7:10).  How many of us have given in to the sordid hungers and were slowly numbed by them, so much so that we kept consuming until our “tongues” reached the blade of destruction – and sometimes continued until death.

Why don’t you stop for a moment in this bitterly cold world we live in and carefully consider what you’re consuming?  Are you licking with a frenzy on any “Popsicles”? If so, ask God to help you now and renew your sensitivity to His leading.