• When: 2018-03-03
  • QIC: Fannie & Fountainhead
  • The PAX: BillyBob, Hawg, Splinter, Cesspool, Fannie & F'head

Fannie & F’head’s #Battle Adventure

When Cesspool reminded YHC and Fannie that we had the #Battle Q the news was greeted unkindly.  Between a few random injuries, illnesses and a dash of #fartsacking, leading the men of #Battle just wasn’t a good option.  Thankfully, Fannie and I have been around a while and know how to give the buys a whoopin’ even when we’re fairly unprepared…  or rather, with plenty of preparedness, anyone can lay down a solid workout.  It just takes a little creativity.  So, here’s what we did:

Conditions:  Cold… like in the 30’s which was strange.


Fannie opened things up with:

  • 25 SSHs, 4CT IC
  • 25 Squats, 4CT IC
  • 25 American Hammers, 4CT IC
  • 12 Mercans, 4CT IC
  • 25 Tuck Jumps, OYO

Then we relocated from the confines of the parking lot, quickly filling with Saturday morning ballerinas, making our way to the #CircleOfDeath.  From thence, Fannie explained the stack of cards, each having an exercise.  This will be pertinent later… peek at three, at random, and execute the three exercises found on the underside.  To lead off Fannie pulled, which we all did together, the following:

  • 20 Iron Cross, OYO
  • 25 Mercans, OYO
  • 20 Squats, OYO

From there, the real meat was explained.  In the wee hours of the morning, Fannie and YHC had placed 37 (that’s a lot) signs along a 2.75 mile route each with an exercise and directions to the next sign.  In good old OCR fashion, the entire deal was to be executed AFAP by each, lone #Battle contender.  Here’s what the course entailed:

From the #Battle #CircleOfDeath, head around the back of AC Flora along the back road where the first sign was found on the asphalt:

  1. Bear crawl to the next speed bump (50 Yds) and run to the parking lot
  2. Turn right and do 1 Burpee in each parking space (15-ish) and stop at the next sign.
  3. Turn left and head toward Brentwood Ave.
  4. 50 Mercans at the telephone pole and then proceed to Brentwood.
  5. 50 MORE Mercans (#CrowdPleaser) and turn left headed up toward Forest Drive
  6. Stop at the back drive to MUV and do 50 LBCs before proceeding up to Forest Drive
  7. Right on Forest and proceed to Greenhill Road
  8. 10 Squat Jumps and proceed down Forest Drive
  9. 10 More Squat Jumps and keep going down Forest Drive
  10. 10 MORE Squat Jumps at the Murphy & Grantland parking lot entry and then run around back of the building to Clemson Ave.
  11. 50 LBCs and turn right on Clemson heading toward Crayton
  12. 50 Mercans at the back Crayton drive and then keep going toward the faculty loop
  13. Bear Crawl to the drop off canopy (50 Yds)
  14. 25 Monkey Humpers and then run to the flag pole
  15. 25 Raise the Roof and cross Clemson to St. Martins In The Fields
  16. Crab Walk down the shallow steps to the gym entry and then run back
  17. Run left down Clemson around the side of St. Martins
  18. Broad Jump the Parking Spaces (10-ish) and proceed to the drop off canopy
  19. 50 LBCs under the canopy and proceed toward Wintrhop
  20. Left on Winthrop back up toward Forest Drive
  21. 25 Squats, turn right onto Clemson and head to Forest
  22. Carefully cross Forest Drive
  23. 25 More Squats at the Lauriate entry and then run left uphill on Forest Drive
  24. Right onto Rutland Court
  25. 5 Burpees at the top of the hill & run down
  26. 5 Burpees at the bottom of the hill & run up
  27. 5 Burpees at the top of the hill & run down
  28. 5 Burpees at the bottom of the hill & run back up
  29. Quit the hill and head back to Forest Drive
  30. Right on Forest Drive to Atascadero
  31. 50 LBCs at Atascadero & continue across on Forest Drive
  32. Carefully cross Forest Drive and head right up toward MUV fitness
  33. 25 Monkey Humper salute to the gym’s wall of windows, proceed to the bank ATM canopy
  34. 50 Mercans and proceed downhill toward Falcon Drive
  35. Left onto Falcon Drive
  36. Hop the fence around the Battle Loop (or run back up and around) and proceed down and around the Loop to the pull up bars
  37. 25 Pull Ups.  #SpillMerlot and then proceed back to the #CircleOfDeath

At this point, Splinter was well ahead of the rest of us… Cess behind him with Hawg and BillyBob graciously keeping Fannie and YHC company at the rear.  I’m pretty sure BillyBob thought he was going to have to carry my body back from Rutland.

Instead of the random-o-rama card flipping thing Fannie had worked so hard on, we agreed to just flip all the cards and do them all.  With about ten minutes left, this seemed reasonable so we, together did:

  • 30 SSHs, OYO
  • 15 Burpees, OYO
  • 25 Plank Jacks, OYO
  • 15 Iron Cross, OYO
  • 15 Squats, OYO
  • 25 Mercans, OYO

With that and four minutes on the clock we raced back to the parking lot, diminutive dancers still there but some more mature softball players were also showing up.  In the last minute Fannie led a plankorama which YHC couldn’t handle… so smoked by that point.



  • #Battle is a rude awakening… more so when you’re asked to Q.  I’m not sure Splinter or Cess needed what we had to offer this morning but it pretty well ruined my day.  Time to make #Battle a regular Saturday stop again so that it isn’t so terrible when its time to Q.
  • P200 is coming so the morning was fairly leg heavy (but for the 200 Merkins).  Be running.
  • And speaking of legs, T-Claps to #Battle regular @ChopShop who completed his first Marathon this morning.  Solid.
  • Last but not least, the F3MudRun is May 19th.  YHC may not be in town… which would be sad given the consistency of my attendance at the annual spring event. ‘Run it once or twice with Splinter and once, I think, with both Cesspool and Fannie.  So most of #Battle today has seen that event together.  If you’ve got nothing on your training horizon, put that on the list.  It’s a great F3 tradition.