• When: 2021-07-08
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Caddyshack, Ebert, Deadstick(Rx2),Honeybun (R), PETA, Flea, Katniss (Q,R)

Undercover work

Conditions 70 and rain 

No FNGs 



Good to see these men show up and bring their own weights. YHC decided to call a change in shovel flag locations and get the pax undercover.  

Good to have Caddyshack the newest FNG back for a second helping this week. 

Missing pax , blame it on the rain.  We could’ve taken the top spot with just one more.

The pax showed up ready to work bringing a pile of kettlebells, ruck plates, etc for the Tabata style workout. 

First lets warm up with a few of the standard exercises (you know them). 10 to 20 4 count IC 

Worlds greatest stretch performances were full of grunts and groans as expected 

The thang, 

Tabata 1 minute on and 20 secs off of exercises with your choice of weight.  The goal is good form and fullest range of motion with weight you can control for 1 minute continuously. Then rest 20 seconds. 

Exercises were off the cuff and Q hit legs, arms, core, and cardio. 

Burpees, jump ropes, planks, swings,presses, lunges,squats, merkins, curls, triceps, skull crushers, around the world, halos, just to name a few. 

Work was done.

Just so the pax were satisfied we took an Indian run around the parking lot to get a taste of the rain.


YHC requested Ebert finish them off with Arnold Fondas just as time ended.

Fun was had by all.


Stomp the swamp 

2nd F to be determined for Snakepit pax 



All the spoken and unspoken at Snakepit and F3 Nation. 

With brotherly love, 



Kill sin!

July 8


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