• When: 2021-07-09
  • QIC: DOT
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Dunphy (R), Argyle, Hawk, Slum Lord (R), Rock Drop (R), Arrears, PickAxe

Legends of Mount Butler


This is my first BackBlast ever but I felt pressured by Ken Doll to post as he said it was a requirement so here it goes! This was my first time as QIC for Urban Legend as I’m setting out to find 10 new AOs to come visit for one of my yearly goals! I’m halfway there, so if you want a visitor, give me a shout!




Weather: 73 degrees and humid (I definitely prefer the soaking of Elsa yesterday over this)


The Thang:


Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer


Mosey on up to the top of the parking garage




>> SSH X 20 IC


>> Imperial Walkers CC x 20 (Clockwise, Yes and not CCW because we’re not animals); If you haven’t experienced this, then you should post at Ambush but don’t worry because it’s coming to an AO near you soon enough.


 >> LBAC (Forward) x 20


Leave ‘em up


>> Overhead Clap x 10


Leave ‘em up


>> LBAC (Reverse) x 18 (Ambush Style). At Ambush we turn around 180 degrees in reverse in the circle.




Next became the fun. I asked the PAX to post with lights because you should have known the AOQ of Stride wasn’t going to stay stationary.




So we did a little mosey over to the top of Mount Butler. Along the way the PAX picked up 5 burpees and a Notebook’s minute of stretching OYO (Thanks Arena J) waiting for a safe crossing of Hwy 1.




YHC had plenty of stuff lined up for these guys along Mount Butler and the hills of the side streets but Round 1 quickly became the entire workout and everyone was ok with that (including me).




As a group:


  • Top of Butler (Creps) Burpees w/ starting count of 5.

  • Run down Butler

  • Bottom of Butler (Harmon) Squats w/ starting count of 1.  (Ken Doll requested 10 – he wanted his money’s worth. Some PAX followed others kept it at 1 knowing what was next.

  • Run back up the 0.19 mile 8.3% beast and plank until six was back.

  • Next was 4 Burpees @ the top / 2(10) squats @ the bottom rinsed and repeated until it was 5 squats and 1 Burpee in the final run.


So glad that this took the entire time and we didn’t have to do Round 2 & 3 J



Finally done, we headed back to the flag where I had a few final rounds of pain to divvy out but at the request of Argyle, he asked if we could RUN the last five minutes. This was a no brainer for me so we took some laps in the parking lot to all achieve a 5k in mileage! This workout was a butt kicker but these men showed me what UL is made of. Strong work!







  • Dam 2 Dam 2022 Sign-Up (will sell out fast, be ready)

  • BRR

  • Stomp the Swamp


Prayer Requests


  • No Show

  • Notebook

  • Merritt (Daughter of DOT’s friend)




  • PAX had so much fun doing the Ambush exercises (I wonder which direction they will do IW next week?)

  • Apparently I was taught wrong how to call an exercise, Ken Doll and Dunphy sure let me know and blamed Ambush.

  • I had to run in the dark, Mr. Forrest said he would be present with a headlamp but fartsacked (maybe smartsacked with it being a Mount Butler workout). < insert tapping watch gif >

  • Some of the PAX joined Ken Doll on his “extra” squats until the second run up Butler where they quickly thought 2 sounded a lot better.

  • Argyle really asked to run so he could get 3 miles and he wanted to make sure it was in the BB so here it is twice.


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