• When: 2021-03-23
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: The Men of F3 and FNGs

Twelve Days of Pothole

Originally, I wasn’t going to write any sort of pre-blast. It would be a “show up-or don’t” type of thing. But I need to share some thoughts in preparation for the Twelve Days of Pothole.

A few months ago, Depot challenged each of it’s PAX to start thinking about filling up the Q sheet. It was the beginning of the year. The perfect time to start putting forth the effort (why January 1st has to be the beginning of everything, is beyond me). I had already Q’d once and was looking for the next date. I decided to Q at least once per month, filled in the Q sheet, and then announced that I did my part and signed up to Q 12 times in 2021.

We Depot members love our Twitter Chat and it didn’t take long for someone to post a response: “Do 12 in a row!” This particular PAX even stated they would make all 12 (we’ll see).

At first, I laughed at it. But then immediately thought, “why the hell not!?”. So I found a spot on the calendar where I could grab 12 Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in a row. Planning accomplished. It starts Tuesday, March 23rd at 0500.

Is this some sort of special challenge?
At first, I thought, yeah, let’s make it a challenge. I’m Pothole. I’m the form-Nazi. The always watching, always judging, promoter of hard work, form, and getting better. I’ve Go Rucked. I do Spartan races. I brought you Monkey Humpers. I helped carry a telephone pole across the Ravenell Bridge. I’ve had the most miles in a P200 and a BRR. I am a Marine. I’ve jumped out of more planes than I’ve landed in.

I. Am. Pothole.

But this is not about me. This is about you.

We have a saying in Marine Recon: Never above you, never below you, always beside you.

So this is not a challenge. There are no points. There is no kegger after. There is no special t-shirt. There is no participation trophy. This is simply me leading you in some exercises and instructions in the next 12 Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in the hopes that you yourself will become a better person – however that plays out.

The reason I say this is that if I hold you to attending 12 consecutive Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, shouldn’t I be held to the same standard? Granted, I will be at each of the coming 12 T-Th workouts, but there are those that have already been showing with far more consistent numbers than I. The truth is, I have missed the last few workouts even leading up to this. While this doesn’t mean I’m not fully capable of showing up and showing out the next 12 workout days, it means that this isn’t a challenge you can’t already do.

I’m not above any of you. I can name several PAX that would have no issue outperforming me.

I’m not below any of you. If you do manage to outperform me, it will probably be the hardest you’ve worked in a long while.

I’m always beside each of you. I will always encourage you, challenge you, fall to the rear to pick you up, and always help keep you motivated.

This might disappoint you if you were hoping for points or a shirt, but you don’t need my seal of approval in order to prove your worth. You just need to continue showing up.

That being said, I have made a commitment to show up for the next 12 consecutive Tuesday’s and Thursday’s – and I will honor that commitment. I would like to challenge you to make the same commitment with me, not for me. Let’s brush off the temptation of extra sleep and a comfy bed. Let’s relinquish any sigh’s of unwillingness or invitation for laziness.

Let’s do this together. As Men of Depot. As a fully capable PAX of your own free will and not because Pothole said so. But because you want to do this.

Do it or don’t. I’m trusting you’ll do it. But if you don’t, the next time I see you, I’ll still be standing beside you.

Silently judging you.

Pothole out.

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