• When: 2021-03-13
  • QIC: Tweetsie
  • The PAX: Abacus; Mayham; Sacagawea; Hope Solo; Stats; Neon; Heisenberg; Crackhead; Timber; Tweetsie

Tweetise Had A Plan

Workout date:  03/13/2021

QIC:  Tweetsie

AO: Camden (No Name)

Conditions: 57 degrees , Nice warm spring morning, no wind to speak of.

6:59 One minute warning / disclaimer


Warm up  

Baby arm circles 12 front and 12 back. Run to Chestnut and Fair.

Bent-over stretch 12 each side. Run to Chestnut and Lyttleton.

30 SSH.  Run to Rectory and Lyttleton.

12 Imperial walkers and recover.



Lyttleton Street side   /   Fair street side.

Log Carry   /    25 Squats

Log Carry   /    20 overhead press each side is one.

Death Bunny Hop to the cones.  Walk the rest.  /    50 Chest Press

John Cusack to the other end.   /     50 Flutter Kicks

Farmers Carry (Tire) to the other end.   /    50 toe taps, both legs equal one.

Farmers Carry Tire to the other end.  /  20 Jump in and out of tire.  In and Out equals one.

Sprint to the other end.  /  40 Burpees

Backwards run to the other end.  /   50 Big boy sit-ups.

One lap around the park  /  30 Merkins

120 merkins / 120 freddy mercury’s to fill in some time.

8:02 – Time Called!

Count-o-Rama: 10at the end, 11 with Whaler (something about he had too much blood?)

Name-o-Rama:  Abacus; Mayham; Sacagawea; Hope Solo; Stats; Neon; Heisenberg; Crackhead; Timber; Tweetsie.

Ball of man, 6 feet apart.

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