• When: 2021-05-20
  • QIC: Treadmill
  • The PAX: Simon Says, Granola (R), Canseco, Wapner, Boo (R), DARPA, Duraflame, Booster, PickAxe, Treadmill


10 pax congregated at Turning Point this morning for a workout led by a so-called “troubadour”.  Not sure what kind of troubadour YHC is, but I know I can’t sing or write music.  Now leading a workout is something YHC can do, and although it has been what seems like ages since having the Q, it all comes back like riding a bike.  Work was done, complaints were taken, and fellowship was had.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey around parking lot and plank to wait on Boo, who strolled in casually late.  Continue to mosey to back parking lot and circle up for COP.

SSH x 13 IC

Thru the Tunnel x 13 IC

Imperial Walkers x 13 IC

Windmills x 13 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles Fwd x 13 IC

OH claps x 13 IC

Dirty Birds x 13 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 13 IC

LBAC Backwards x 13 IC

13 Merkins OYO

Mosey to corner and grab a line

Line hops fwd/back x 13 OYO and plank

Lateral line hops x 13 OYO and plank

Cha Chas on line x 13 OYO and plank

13 Merkins OYO and recover

Move over to curb

Toe touches x 13 OYO and plank on curb

Fwd hop ups x 13 OYO and plank on curb

Lateral hop ups x 13 ea way OYO and plank on curb

13 curb merkins OYO and recover

Mosey to back breezeway

People’s chair on column with various arm positions

Mosey to Mt. Midway for Black Jack (see exicon).  Unfinished game of Black Jack due to time.  It would take close to an entire workout to finish that stupid game.

Mosey back to shovel flag and bridge for the six

Finish off with Boat/Canoe on Q’s call



Donut run tomorrow

Collecting for ET (new baby)

Prayer request

DARPA’s co-worker, Alex, lost her mom

Canseco’s co-worker Lindsay

Billy Ellison

Crawford Family (Treamill’s co-worker)


Ecclesiastes 3:11 – Look it up…it’s worth the read.

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