• When: 2021-05-22
  • QIC: AB
  • The PAX: Yellow Cake, Thanos, Inuit, Ocho Cinco, Broadhead, Banjo, FNG-Brown Shorts, Yoshi, Hugo, Elaine, Fast Ball, Recyclops, Tuff Guy, Papagiorgio

The Herd takes a trip down Memory Lane

15 hearty pax gathered ‘round the #ShovelFlag at Howard Park this AM to take the #DRP with their Brothers. A good time was had by all as we welcomed a pax that moved away 4 years ago, an FNG, 2.0s, and everyone pulling together to get better today. YHC appreciated the pax indulging him to wax a little sentimental today and take everyone on a trip down Memory Lane for his 8-year F3 anniversary Q.

Disclaimer/Opening prayer: YHC

The Thang:

Full lap around Parking Lot:

Windmill x 8
Imperial Walkers x 8
Hillbillies x 8 
Slo-mo squats x 8
LBACs x 8 (F)  
Overhead arm claps x 8
Raise the roof x 8
LBACs x 8 (B)
Michael Phelps x 8  
SSH x 10 (with the return of the Side Straddle Shuffle by Elaine! Aye!!)

Mosey to #Legoland. Collect 1 Block & 2 Bricks

Assemble in parking lot for our trip down Memory Lane with inspiration from portions of key workouts from YHC’s past.

YHC’s #FirstBell and 1st AO  
Date: 4/23/2013    
QIC: Chaser    
Pax: 34

Bricks: Front raises IC x 8   
Block: Curls OYO x 8    
Bricks: Triceps extensions IC x 8    
Block: Curls OYO x 8
Bricks: Front raises IC x 8   
Block: Curls OYO x 8    
Bricks: Triceps extensions IC x 8
Block: Curls OYO x 8     
Bricks: Russian Twists IC x 8    
Block: Block presses OYO x 34    
Block: Curls OYO x 8

F3Columbia’s 2nd bootcamp AO    
Swamp Fox:     
Date: 6/25/2013    
QIC: Chaser     
Pax: 24

Swamp Fox was the first AO to split off from Brickpile. On June 20, Brickpile had 42 pax. The day Swamp Fox launched, Brickpile had 28, and Swamp Fox had 24 pax for a total of on 6/25 for a total of 52.  #MultiplicationByDivision

SoCon Loop: (Furman, Wofford, Converse, Coker, Clemson)
Run to gate “Furman”:   
30 secs max ‘mercans / 30 secs max Russian twists

Run to 2nd driveway of middle school “Wofford”:   
Partner up for 30 secs max iron crosses/ flap jack

Run to far end of breezeway “Converse”:   
30 secs max incline ‘mercans/ 30 secs max dips

Run to near end of breezeway “Coker”:    
30 secs max step ups

Run to wall past breezeway “Clemson”:    
60 seconds People’s Chair

Mosey to Elementary School

F3 expands #AcrossTheRiver   
Date: 8/3/2013     
QIC: Sway     
Pax: 40 (25 FNGs)

“Tennis courts”:   
Line jumps 30 secs   
Bunny hops 30 secs   


Mosey to “Heartbreak Ridge”   
Walter Paytons x 3

Mosey to baseball field

A #ShovelFlag is planted in YHC’s hometown   
Date: 9/9/2104    
QIC: Ginger   
Pax: 15

We did a couple of YHC’s Jumanji favorites…

Columbo’s Field Exercises:    
Stations along outfield fence   
Left field foul pole: 15 squats   
First light pole: 15 ‘mercans   
Second light pole: 15 BBSU   
Right field foul pole: grab some fence! 15 iron crosses    
Down right field line: 15 walking lunges   
Back stop: 15 calf raises

Mosey past canteen toward #DarkCorner for part of Jumanji’s signature AMRAPworkout…

The Ark
Alternating shoulder taps x 40   
Reverse crunches x 40   
Knee ups x 40

Mosey to #ShovelFlag

Mary: All IC   
Flutter kicks x 8   
2 Turkish getups    
Hillbillies x 8   
Hello Dolly x 8   
2 Turkish getups   
Russian twists x 8   
Boat / canoe   
2 Turkish getups

And upon special request from Tuff Guy after time had been called… (F3, GARY!!!)… Ray Charles x 8  (with the pax who started the tradition of singing during this exercise… Elaine leading the way!)


BOM led by Elaine


Good times with The Herd as always today! Preparing for this workout was fun — going back and researching old workouts (some of those old backblasts are still on the internet!), old tweets, etc. to determine dates, number of pax and other details of workouts from back in the day… so many good memories!

Great having Elaine with us today! Appreciate him stopping over in West Cola on his way to a wedding in Charlotte this weekend. Also good to see Tuff Guy out on a Saturday! T-claps to Yellow Cake (one of the 3 pax today that posted at the launch of Jumanji back in 2014 along with Tuff Guy and YHC) and his son Thanos. Always appreciate the Detainees that come over Broadhead and Banjo today — who also brought an FNG! Always good to have some 2.0s in tow. Yoshi and Fast Ball always keep things interesting, but do a great job keeping up. T-claps to Recyclops not missing a step today after being on the IR the past 10 days.


  • Long range Mystery Migration on June 26… 🤔

Prayer requests:

  • Unspoken request

12 with one Starsky for coffeeteria at the #Dunkin’BojanglesChipotleteria location where the sun was bright and warm this morning!

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