• When: 2021-05-21
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Pick Axe, Kendoll, Dunphy, Rock Drop, Duff, Brick

Urban Legand 05.21.2021

One Minute Warning:



The weather: upper 50’s I think. 

 Mosey around parking lot 

Circle Up: 


Run In Place for 30 Seconds then 5 Burpees

High Knees in Place for 30 Seconds then 5 Burpees

Butt Kicks in Place for 30 Seconds then 5 Burpees

Mosey around parking lot a little more. 

Stopping at an island, broad jump once then sprint forward to the end of island and  backpedal back to start line (rinse and repeat for 10 reps)

Mosey around parking lot a little more. 

On parking line start, 1 burpee, then plank-walk all the way to the end of line, then another burpee. (rinse and repeat for 5 parking lines)

Mosey to bottom of parking garage. 

From here we did the entire P90 Ab Ripper X routine, but between each exercise we made one loop around top of garage and returned back to start. 

25 Reps each

  • In and outs (take a lap)
  • -Bicycles (25 pedal forward, then 25 backwards), (Take a lap)
  • -Crunchy Frogs (Take a Lap)
  • -Cross leg Sit-ups (Take a Lap)
  • -Flutter Kicks OMC (Take a Lap)
  • -Hip Rock n’ Raise (Take a Lap)
  • -V Up/Roll Ups (take a lap)
  • -Oblique V-ups (25 left, 25 right) (take a lap)
  • -Leg Climbs (12 per leg) (take a lap)
  • -American Hammer (2Ct) (take a lap)



  • Beech house BC Saturday at 6
  • Dad’s camp is on! Tickets go on sale soon. 


  • Ken Doll’s Wife and Family
  • Pax with Cancer

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