• When: 2021-06-24
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Homegrown, Belding, Pullout, Hollywood, Urkel, Swayze, Shankopotamus, Happy Trees

Triple Double

It was a good morning to gather a little sweat on the brow, or soak a shirt, or whatever in between style of perspiring affects you. We had something for everyone. 
We missed a few of the regulars this morning, whether you are on the injured list, in a wrestling match with the fartsack/ wife, or just still on that beach time zone, it will be great to have you back…all of you.  

A couple notes from this morning:
-Shank does not need a head start for anything, he should have a handicap.
-Pullout still loves burpees.
-Homegrown missed Nub this morning.
-Hollywood is apparently not peaceful nor hopeful.
-Swayze looks well on his way to beating the M in the Kiawah half marathon. 

Conditions: Balmy and Beautiful. Sunrise on point

Disclaimer, Prayer

Mosey to the field for a LOP. (line of pain, I guess)
-TTT x10IC, Mosey to opposite sideline, SSH x15IC Mosey back.
-Windmill x10IC, Sprint halfway to sideline, mosey the rest. Imperial
 Walker x10IC, Sprint 1/2, Mosey 1/2.
-SSH x10IC , Sprint to other sideline. 5 Burpees OYO, sprint back.

The Thang:
3 stations x2 AMRAP (roughly 5 minute intervals in BL time keeping)
Station 1, Rest area: 10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys, 10 Aussie Pullups ( TCLAPS to the modifiers who were hitting the regular bars). Mosey to cone, lunge to second cone, supposedly run to the podium and back to bars,  (some PAX just love the harder thing…that’s what she said). Rinse and repeat increasing all exercises by 1 rep every time.
Station 2, Burpee Ladder: Start with one burpee on sideline, run to other sideline, 2 burpees, back to start, 3, run, 4…etc, etc. Easy peasy
Station 3, Hill Work: 10 Merkins at the bottom, run to the top, 10 Squats. Rinse and repeat adding one rep everytime.

Completed two circuits until time called at 5:45..OG time

Mosey to flag
Count O rama
Name O rama


Announcements: Murph Monday 5 am, Support Nub for school board (vote July 20th?)

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