• When: 2021-06-24
  • QIC: Keychain
  • The PAX: Dominion, Black Betty, Wanderer, Mulligan, Wee Wee, Blue Bloods, Rec, Twerk, Hemingway, Net Zero, Escobar, Tinker

Pax tackle Surge Speedway

Pax tackle Surge Speedway

Everyone showed up at Surge to celebrate YHC’s birthday expecting some cake and possibly some Waffle House but I could not disappoint and brought them something more appetizing.

Conditions: Nice and breezy – perfect weather

Disclaimer (Slow you stop, Feeling it you go)

Explained to PAX that we would be running a race to commemorate my 43rd birthday in honor of Richard Petty whose number was 43.


The Thang:

Mosey to back of school


TTT X 12

Imperial Walker X 7

Mosey to block pile

PAX grabbed one block and carried them back to front of school.  It seemed a lot longer than I intended. 

Once we arrived at front of school, blocks were dropped and we continued our warmup.

Chumbawamba’s Tub Thumping was played (all 3:33 of it) – PAX did SSH until they heard “I get knocked down” then did a Burpee (27 in total)

The Thang

Now it was time to run the Surge 2.50 (Pocono race is upcoming weekend so tried to get the mileage correct since Pocono racetrack is 2.5 miles long.  In order to do this needed to run 10 laps (0.2 miles each). 

We would do a series of workouts and then run 1 lap and move on to next set of workouts.  Also would need to make a “pit stop” on a designated lap to “get a break” from routine.  In order to do this had to double up a few PAX to get an even 10 count.  Some PAX had some difficulty counting to 10 but we finally figured it out.

Here’s how it was setup:

Lap 1 : Merkins, Flutter Kicks (2 count) (20 each)

Lap 2: BBSUs, Tricep Dips (20 each)

Lap 3: Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps (20 each)

Lap 4:  Lunges (2 count), LBC’s (20 each)

Lap 5: Curls, Overhead Presses (20 each)

Lap 6: Freddie Mercury’s, Carolina Dry Docks (20 each)

Lap 7: American Hammers, Smurf Jacks (20 each)

Lap 8: 43 Shoulder Taps

Lap 9: 43 Squats

Lap 10: 43 Burpees Block swings

Pit Row:  Jump Rope – 10 count, Flip tires from 1 curb to another

After everyone had completed their mileage and reps we called it quits and headed back to block pile to return blocks the back to shovel flag.



Dad’s Camp still has openings for weekend of 8/20 – 8/22

Hewitt 5K this Saturday – Participate if you can

Stride on Friday – Dominion has Q

Weekend running – Saturday – Lake Murray Dam, Sunday – Lowes

Prayer Requests:

Keychain’s friend Thomas Holland – mom passed away (Mary Holland)

Thought/Devotion of the day:

Read the poem Footprints in the Sand.  Reminder that God is always there with you – good times and bad.  He’ll carry you through the hard times.  Also a reminder that PAX are also there to talk to in times of need.


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