• When: 2019-08-15
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: El Chapo, Maona, Lumberg, Brita, Pdubs, Squatter, Paper Jam, Chimichanga, Hawk, Ditch Witch, Po, Popff, Niles

Three Years at the ‘Bush

Three years ago, I rolled up to Ambush and really didn’t know what to expect.  Really didn’t know how it would change me.  Today I celebrate with men who I have sweated or froze with during workouts, ran races with, ate lunches with, talked about God with, been held accountable by, and guys who I get to share a lot of laughs with.  I thank Sawdust and Kenwood for the EH.  I appreciate all the guys of Ambush and F3 Lex for their friendship.  With that said, today we are doing a throwback.  A nod to the first workout I came to.  A Dunphy Q.  I remember it like it was yesterday….

Conditions:  Hot, check; humid, check


  • Mosey to Ambush alley for COP: all IC and x 20
    The Windmill

Mosey to the brick pile and grab two bricks.
Head down Ambush alley to the  hill by the elementary school for:
Clock Merkins, partner up.
One partner will be doing AMRAP with bricks in the road while the other starts the Clock merkin.  Military time.
Pax is to start at 24 merkins and move down to 1.  Use the hill as the “face” of the clock.  Straight up is 24 and 12.  Straight down is 18 and 6.  One pax performs merkins and flapjacks with other pax.  Count down at each flapjack.
AMRAP excercise during this were:
Curls for the girls
Tricep extensions
Lateral raise

Take the bricks back and head to the football field.
Keep your partner.

Line up on sideline. One pax armycrawls out while the other on does 5 burpees.  Once 5 burpees are done he runs to his partner to releive him.  Flapjack across the field.

Bearcrawl back, with squats.

Crawlbear with squats


Wheelbarrow back across.  Switch half way.

Head to the sandbox at the elementary school for one round of Tunnel of love.

Check that, the grassy area.

Head back for Mary

20 lbc


Prayer request- family’s as school starts back up.

Wingard family

Devo: James 1: 19-25