• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Dunphy, Lego, FNG - Dr. Lovin', Coon Dog, Tar"get", Beaver Pelt, Cheers, Buzz Saw (R), Knozit, Boo Boo

Three Rounds of Elevens?

Been on the Q sheet for a while for Shank and haven’t been able to make it there for whatever reasons.  Finally made it there and had a good one planned.  Things just didn’t go according to said plans.  Here’s how it went:

Weather: 60s and damp, it was nice

1 MW


Warm up by taking a lap around the soccer field on the sidewalk.

First corner – 15 SSH IC

Second corner – 10 TTT IC

Third corner – 15 IW IC

Skip fourth corner for some parking lot fun, 10 burpees in the parking lot OYO.

Head over to long bridge where the PAX find a sheet with a plan of attack.

The plan for the first round was elevens with merkins on the long bridge and then elevens with BBSUs on the short bridge.  Distance of long bridge would be covered in lunges, distance of short bridge would be covered with a bear crawl.

There were two more rounds planned but the lunges and elevens took longer than I thought.  The men of Shawshank put in the work and there was some good 2nd F.  Most, if not all, made it through one round on both bridges just as time was called.

Mosey back to the flag.

Name FNG: Clay Coker, has 10 kids, is a family doctor, lots of good material here.  Swimmers was a solid choice but already taken.  Dr. Lovin’ it is! Welcome!


Devo – those that are popular are not always that need our love the most.  “The perfect church is for those that are not”


  • You already know this but Buzz Saw is a monster.  I think he just did 11 merkins on each end of the bridge.  Animal.
  • I could tell the men of Shawshank are a tight group, lots of good chemistry and lots of good laughs there.