• When: 2018-11-06
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Boucher, Gravedigger, Wild Hog, Slum Lord (Respect), Half Empty, Iron Mary, Meatball, Chuck Wagon, Mercy Rule, Fuzzy Navel, Hoist, All 9's, Irrev, Drago, Sundrop, FNG Rainbird

Fun times at The Hollow

17 tough guys strutted around the Hollow campus this morning.  Each of the 17 men showed great effort and got better.  We also had some fun.  Mumblechatter was strong.

There was 1 FNG. Ali Groves, football player for South Carolina.  Finance major.  Analytical thinker.  Named Rainman.

Weather:  70 degrees, no wind, wet conditions.

Disclaimer and Prayer 

Here’s what happened:

Mosey to soccer field
⁃ SSH x15 IC
⁃ Monkey humpers x15 IC
⁃ Windmill x15 IC
⁃ Shouldertaps x15 IC

Mosey to goal line
⁃ Sprint 50 yards at 50%
⁃ Sprint back 50%
⁃ Sprint 50 yards at 75%
⁃ Sprint back 75%
⁃ Sprint 50 yards 100%
⁃ Sprint back 100%

Mosey to parking lot and split into 2 groups
⁃ Team 1 lap around parking lot
⁃ Team 2 planks (flapjack)
⁃ Team 1 lap around parking lot
⁃ Team 2 shoulder taps (flapjack)
⁃ Team 1 lap around parking lot
⁃ Team 2 V-ups (flapjack)

Courtyard (3 groups)
⁃ Suicides at light poles
⁃ 6 inches
⁃ Balls to the wall, modify with people’s chair
Suicide runners set the pace, switch when they finish

Mosey to the breezeway

karaoke to end of the breezeway, karaoke back

run backwards to end of the breezeway, run backwards back

lunge to end of breezeway, side squat back (crowd pleaser)

karaoke to end of breezeway, karaoke back

run backwards to end of breezeway, run backwards back.



Cheech 10K this weekend, November 10

Harry Bison November 17

Wildcat December 1, check pre-blast for details

December 14th F3/FIA Christmas party, check pre-blast for details


Chuckwagon’s friend Josh.  His son was born with a heart condition.  Surgery soon.

Gravedigger’s mom and dad.


Mathew 11:28-30
Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Change is Stressful. It’s also constant. Sometimes we choose change and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes change is exciting and sometimes it will cause you pain.

Wherever you are today, I am positive you are going through some sort of change in your life right now. Whether it’s good or bad, what is important is how we respond to what God is doing.

My challenge to me and to you: today, find 10 minutes to sit alone and ask God to be present in the situation, good or bad. Ask God to help make your burden light, just as he says in the verse above.