• When: 2021-01-12
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Honeybun (R), Emmy, Ebert, PETA, Flea, Buckbed, Katniss (R, QIC)

Thanks for 4

Conditions raining and cold 

No FNGs 



4 yr for me as of 1/10/2021. It wasn’t the work that kept me coming back. It was the support from the Snakepit pax and the other pax of F3 Lexington. I could workout in a gym but without the accountability I doubt it would last long. Gyms make their money on the ones that don’t show up. F3 makes men out of the ones that do show up. Iron sharpening iron.  Thankful for all that you men have pushed me do and be. I know I will continue to grow in this community of brothers.

Now lets get to work!

Warm up
SSH 20 4ct
TTT. 10 4ct
LBAC 10 F/10 R 4ct
IWs 15 4 ct
WorldsGreatestStretch 10 4ct each side
Seal jacks 10 4ct
Copper H squats 10 4ct

The thang….

1 min plank
10 burpees
20 flutter kicks 4ct
17 jump squats

Lunge walk 48 (24/24) count each lunge

1 min low plank
10 burpees
20 flutter kicks 4ct
17 jump squats

Bear crawl 48 (24/24) count each hand

1 air squat
10 burpees
20 flutter kicks 4ct
17 jump squats

Duck walk 48 (24/24) count each step

1 min back plank
10 burpees
20 flutter kicks 4ct
17 jump squats

Mosey around the parking lot 

Bolt 45s : 15 squat to 1/2 way down, then 15 1/2 down to full down, then 15 full squats

Arnold Fondas  both legs 10 4ct IC 

Merkin Ring of Fire 2 4 6 8 10



Dam2Dam coming February 20th

Miles for Mark Jr virtual 5k February 13 thru 15th raise money for cancer diagnosis 


Betamax home from hospital 

Honeybuns mom and care of her by family 

Brainiac and his family 

Flea and his family related health

PETAs knee and his sons medical issues 

Emmy job situation 

Eberts uncles family 

All spoken and unspoken requests 


Are you an eagle or a pigeon?  Consider this devotional to see if you will  S O A R.

January 10, 2020

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