• When: 2021-01-12
  • QIC: RockDrop
  • The PAX: Headgear, Thin Mint, Cowbell, Potluck, 7-11, RockDrop (Respect)

Insanity at The Arena

YHC was recently talking about workouts with Headgear and how once upon a time we both did the Insanity workout.  That got me to thinking that I should put together a workout that featured the “best of” exercises from Insanity.  That said, YHC dusted off his DVD player, dug up the DVDs, and selected some of the “best” exercises from the program for an Arena beatdown.  Six brave souls fought the fartsack, stayed dry, and got better thanks to Shaun T.  With YHC’s favorite band of all time as a backdrop, a little Tabata style work, some Mary, and a few yoga stretches completed the session.  Playlist below.

Conditions:  39 degrees with a light mist.  Could not have been better.

The Thang:


Prayer – Lord’s Prayer – Pledge of Allegiance



Good Mornings – 10 x 4-count

TTT – 10 x 4-count

Windmill – 10 x 4-count

Walk in Place – 30 Seconds

Jog in Place – 30 Seconds

High Knees – 30 Seconds

Half-Jacks – 30 Seconds

SSH – 30 Seconds

Mosey once around the parking lot and then to the covered breezeway in the front of the school.  Each exercise below was 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between exercises:

Suicide Drills

Power Squats

Standing Mountain Climbers

Ski Downs

Basketball Drill

Push-Up Jacks

Ski Abs

V Push-Ups

Stance Jacks

Belt Kicks

Hit the Floor

Wide In & Out Abs

Kickstand Touch the Floor

Frog Jumps

Moving Push-Ups

Floor Sprints

Mummy Kicks

Cross Jacks

Uppercut Jacks


Mosey under cover to bus loop and back, transition to Mary


Alternating Heel Taps

Superman Pull-downs

Dual Heel Taps In and Out

Side Plank Hold Left side

Side Plank Hold Right side

Alternating Straight Let Touches

Crunchy Frogs

Light Stretch to Finish

Sun Salutation

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

Side Stretch

Spider Lunge

Long Sit

Sitting Figure 4





  • Almost $1,000 raised from the F3 Salvation Army bell-ringing at Walmart.  Shawshank side $600, Arena side $400 

Prayer Requests:

  • Notebook – Radiation Treatment Complete
  • Headgear – Coworkers
  • People impacted by Coronavirus



We have some future Olympic medal winners in alpine sports currently working out at The Arena


The Playlist, all R.E.M. with album:

Radio Free Europe – Murmur

Sitting Still – Murmur

Harborcoat – Reckoning

Second Guessing – Reckoning

Maps and Legends – Fables of the Reconstruction

Green Grow the Rushes – Fables of the Reconstruction

Begin the Begin – Life’s Rich Pageant

Finest Worksong – Document

Pop Song 89 – Green

Orange Crush – Green

Radio Song – Out of Time

Ignoreland – Automatic for the People

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? – Monster

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