• When: 2020-12-29
  • QIC: Taurasi
  • The PAX: Taurasi, Muggy Tape, Field Goal, Rug Master, and She Shed

Taurasi Good riddance to 2020 Arm and Leg Day… Lots of 20 reps…

F3 12/29/2020 BEECHHOUSE Taurasi “Q”
Temperature was 37, low humidity, slight breeze and close to a full moon, just enough to light the Beechwood football stadium gloom for a 2020 good riddance beatdown.
Shovel Flag- Check…
5 Pax?! I guess the fart sack got the best of some of us. 5 of us sharpened some iron! We certainly missed a few good men from the BeechHouse pax for sure!
Not a Professional, not even close. BUT F3 sharpens us, and makes us better, iron tough. Field Goal made me accountable this AM by placing me on the Q sheet. I am sure his arms thank him! LOL…
Opening prayer for workout safety, fellowship, get better, have fun… “Where is everyone?”
Modify if needed, No FNG’s present… “Let’s GO!”
1st exercise is… Starting position move, in cadence, exercise… “Side Straddle Hop X 20,” Imperial Walkers X 20, Thru the tunnel X 20, forward and reverse LBAC X 20 each direction… Mosey to the brick/block pile.
2 Bricks each, mosey to the football field the long way up the ramp.
Starting at the goal line complete 20 push-ups. (bricks optional) Did I really say push-ups FG? MERKINS!
Run to the 50 yd line with bricks, complete 20 squats with bricks
Run to the far end goal line and complete 20 overhead claps with bricks. (crowd pleaser)
Rinse and repeat down counting Merkins and Overhead claps to complete each cycle. 20 squats at the 50 are ceaseless!
Mosey back to the block/brick pile at 40+ minutes. Ran out of time at 8-10 reps to complete. Muggy? Guess we need to pick up our running pace. Or as mumble chattered that was stupid, should have down counted the squats,” arms feel like noodles…
Mosey Back to the flag. Pax arm soreness mumble chatter continues, LOL!
Recover!!! Great work guys!
5 Pax, NameORama, Taurasi “Q” , Muggy Tape, Field Goal, Rug Master, and She Shed
Announcements; New Year’s Day Convergence come for a fun time, lots of pax with choices for BC.
Prayers for those struggling with COVID and life, marriages, Country issues, prayers spoken and unspoken.
Prayer out. The Q forgot his Devo… Next time!!! Great job men!

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