• When: 2020-12-03
  • QIC: Cramps
  • The PAX: Chop Chop, Wanderer, Twerk, Mulligan, Lt. Dan, Keychain, Bogey, Dominion, Escobar, Black Betty, Cramps

Surge BC – DEC 3 2020

11 of Surge's finest welcomed me in the Gloom.  This AO is always ready to work and this morning was no exception.  5 for SL

Conditions: 34 deg


FNG = 0



Mosey to front parking lot of school for 
-SSH x 10 IC
-TTT x 10 IC
-IW x 10 IC

Once everyone was socially distanced we performed the first set of EMOM.
10 merkins
6 jump squats
4 burpees
performed every minute for 10 minutes

Stargazers on the 6.
50 LBC's

Next set performed non-stop x 6
10 Imperial Walker squats
6 power lunges (right)
6 power lunges (left)

High Plank on 6
50 LBC's
20 Jack knife crunches R and L

Mosey to block pile. Since there were not enough blocks we grabbed 2 bricks each.

Next set was performed non-stop x 6
5 bottom burpees
6 squat thrusters with bricks
7 OH press with bricks

High Plank on 6

Front and Lateral raises with bricks x 20 each

High Plank on 6

20 Mountain climbers, 20 plank jacks

recover bricks

mosey to Shovel Flag for mary

20 flutter kicks IC
20 scissors IC
10 Jack knife crunches each





-Surge Christmas Party (Dec 19th)
-Lexington SAFE Run in Jan

Prayer Requests
-Blue Blood - grandma
-Cramps - family friend with + Covid test
-Keychain - coworker

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