• When: 2021-05-25
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Jail Break, Ralphie, Deadstick (RR), Katniss (R), Brainiac, Honey Bun (R), Pita, Bunk Bed, Chinstrap, Flea, Soaker

Snake Pit Suicides and Stuff

YHC had never Q’d at the Snake Pit until today. Good bunch of dudes at this AO. If you want to know what fails and what flourishes once you hit the age of respect, this is the AO for you. The pax talked hard and worked harder. 

This AO has a great layout with a ton of options for a good time. Today was a celebration of sorts as Bunk Bed continues to fly high on his recent engagement. Dude has a ton of good stuff coming his way in the future. Nothing better than being married, or hanging out with sweaty pax before the sun comes up. Here is how the morning went down.

Weather – upper 60’s, humid, no breeze. A lot dryer than Shawshank.

After being led to the block pile, we all grabbed a coupon and headed to the field and lined up on the goal line.

SSH x 25 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward), Merkins x 10 IC.


Suicide workout (6 stops).

Goal line: 3 blockees, 15 curls, 15 oh presses, 15 tricep extensions.

Stop 1 – 15 merkins, 15 squats, 15 bbsu’s.

Return to goal line – rinse and repeat for all stations. One modification at midfield – 50 lbc’s and 25 flutter kicks (2 ct).

Plank for the 6. Mary time. 25 iron crosses OYO, Frozen Freddies IC.

Return blocks.

10 burpees and then run up and down the big boy stairs. 5 burpees and run back up. Mosey to the flag.


June 1 – White Knoll graduation – bootcamp in the parking lot.

Memorial Day – Cryptonite and Bounty doing the Murph.

Prayer Requests: Bunk Bed recently engaged. Fiance’s grandmother passed away last weekend.

Devo: Had something planned but recent engagement announcement turned it into impromptu marriage advice. YHC is not know for stellar amounts of wisdom. In all seriousness, the best marriage book I have read is titled Love and Respect and gives a ton of solid, scriptural advice on marriage. This helped my M and me when we were roughly 18 years into this thing. For the guys who were there this morning, they know the true meaning of love, respect, and honor. 


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