• When: 2018-06-26
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Genie, Lego, Scotch, Gravedigger, Elmers, Iron Mary, Man Bun, Hash and Rice, Coon Dog, Bridesmaid, Ponzi, Buzzsaw (R), Cheers

Slammer Time at Shawshank

Today was another humid edition of Shaswshank’s signature CSAUP, The Slammer. It was great to have some representation from The Hollow delegation today, especially after an inspired lesson and discussion from Iron Mary at The Rock. Outstanding work today, men, thank you for the support.

Conditions: low 80’s, humid and sticky


The Thang:


-Start at picnic tables and conduct 21 dips.
-Bear crawl across the bridge and do 21 BBSU.
-Run to far corner and perform 21 Merkins.
-Run to stairs and get 21 squats in.
-Run to next set of stairs and finish with 21 calf raises.
-Run back to picnic shelter and do it all over again, except add 1 to each rep.
-Rinse and repeat until time is called.

6/30: BC at Shawshank, then a 30 minute WO with the homeless vets.
7/4: July 4 event at the State Capitol honoring Ryan Rawl.
7/21: The Reaper
8/4: Sweet Baby O 5K
8/25: Stomp the Swamp


Scotch’s Dad
PAX at the Tough Ruck this weekend
Mac and Family
YHC friends family
Katie Arrington
The Rock prayers