• When: 2020-12-10
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Cheers, Doc Luvin' (R), Doo Dah (R), Knozit (R), Coon Dog, Soaker

Shooting Stars Spotted at Shawshank

It was a beautiful, clear morning at Shawshank. Constellations were bountiful, the air was crisp, and the fellowship was off the charts. Some of the finest men around showed up, pushed each other to get better, and provided some support for a 5 year old boy who is putting up the good fight. 

4 pax made the effort for stride lite. What a way to start the day…blinking lights, barking dogs, and Doo Dah’s melodious voice ringing through the quite streets of Lexington. Dang, it’s good to be part of F3 Lexington.

1 minute warning, disclaimer, no FNG’s, opening prayer.

Mosey to the COP:

SSH x 25 IC, LBAC x 10 IC (forward and backward), OH clap x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC.

Head to the block pile and select a winner and head for the end line of the nearest field.


Round 1 – 5 blockees

Round 2 – 5 blockees, 20 curls

Round 3 – 5 blockees, 20 curls, 25 merkins

Round 4 – 5 blockees, 20 curls, 25 merkins, 30 OH presses

Round 5 – 5 blockees, 20 curls, 25 merkins, 30 OH presses, 40 block squats

Round 6 – 5 blockees, 15, curls, 15 merkins, 15 OH presses, 15 block squats

Between rounds – jog to midfield for 50 lbc’s. This is where the best mumble chatter took place. A strange light was seen (by 1 pax) and discussed at length. Then, all of sudden, a shooting star was observed by 3 pax. The crazy thing is, drum roll……….., a second shooting star was observed by almost all the pax. Excitement was in the air, and then, back to work.

Of the 6 blocks used during the workout, only 5 1/2 were returned to the pile. Cheers has now replaced Lego as the pax who breaks blocks. No one would have cared if he broke a double-core block but he had to break one with 2 handles. Cheers, you got to love him, but you do have to wonder sometimes.

Mosey to the stairs for 100 calf raises (30 toes out, 30 toes in, 40 toes straight). That detail was for Knozit. Coon Dog complimented everyone on their calves but was fixated on Doc Luvin’.

20 monkey humpers were completed and then a short mosey back to the shelter.

2 minutes of people’s chair followed by some Mary. Flutter kicks, American Hammers, 20 step ups each leg thrown in, back to American Hammer.

All in all, a great time with great men pushing each other to get better.



Shawshank Christmas party 12/20 at 3pm – Ramrod’s home.

Shawshank / Arena – Salvation Army bell ringing this Saturday at Walmart.

P200 and Dam 2 Dam – be training.

Lexington SAFE – 1/1 start date with plenty of open slots for signing up.

Prayer requests:

Pax – Notebook, No Show, Cowbell.

Doc Luvin’ – co-worker’s daughter – cancer.

Coon Dog – cousin’s father-in-law passed away suddenly.

Levi – 5 year old boy going through chemo. Cheers put us in touch with this guy. Thanks for wearing the Levi shirt today, fellas, and showing support.

Closing Prayer

Devo: Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We can not control circumstances which are constantly changing but we can rely on Jesus who is always constant and the solid rock we need.

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