• When: 2022-05-12
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Ken Doll, Soaker, Dunphy, Alter Boy, Good Hands, Swanson, Knozit, Runaway, Ranger

Shawshank Under 1 Mile Workout

10 Pax posted to Shawshank for a light block workout.  According to the official tracker, we were able to complete the work in under 1 Mile, Thanks Ken Doll.  We missed Brick (DR) and Leggo (Taper for some crazy event this weekend).  Thanks to all the Pax for their may explanations on the aging process, very helpful.

Weather was a cool 58ish degrees and clear skies

The Thang:

Mosey to the soccer field for the warmup:

  • SSH x 20IC – 10 Merkins IC
  • TTT x 20IC – 9 Merkins IC
  • IW x 20 IC – 8 Mrekins IC
  • LBC x 20IC – 7 (maybe 6) MerkinsIC
  • Squats x 20IC – 6 (maybe7) Merkins IC
  • Flutters x 20 IC – 5 Merkins IC
  • Q gives up on the merkin ladder and heads to the Block pile

Block Warmup

  • Merkins on the block x 10 IC
  • Curls x 10 IC
  • Block Press x 10IC
  • Tricep Extensions (thanks Swanson) x 10 IC
  • 16 Count Block Buster x 10

3 Man Farmer Carry Relay

  • #1 goes to the mid field and does squats, #2 farmer carries 2 block to #1 and flapjacks, #3 does block curls, Relay until 200 of each exercise
  • #1 goes to the mid field and does lunges, #2 farmer carries 2 block to #1 and flapjacks, #3 does block press, Relay until 200 of each exercise
  • Return blocks to block pile

Mosey toward Flag and stop for Mary

  • LBC x 20IC
  • Heel Touches x 20IC
  • Boat Canoe x ?
  • Russian Twist (old school)/American Hammer x 20IC
  • 20 Merkins OYO

Return to the Shovel Flag

Announcements:  SAFE run next week, slots still available, 8 Year Shawshank Anniversary this Saturday

Prayers:  Coon Dog’s M’s grandmother 101 year old has COVID, No Show, Joelee, Ann, Ranger’s M’s Dad with Flu, 

AB and I were talking about how there is a lot going on in our country and it seems a few people are influencing a lot of society.  Ken Doll shared an article a few weeks ago that I though was good.  Check this out:







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