• When: 2021-09-28
  • QIC: Brick
  • The PAX: Gravedigger, Coondog, Knowzit (r), Soaker, Duff, Lego, Brick.

Shawshank 9.28.2021

Awesome morning at the Shank today. Here are a few of the highlights.

-Coon Dog’s mumble chatter is unrelenting but went quite well with GD’s topnotch sarcasm. – I may or may not have implied there would be no burpees or merkins since I did the IPC the day before, on Monday…. We did 70 burpees and plenty of merkins (you can see Soaker for a refund). -Gravedigger was back out after a hiatus with an injury and hasn’t missed a beat! -Lego ran SL for several miles by himself, Soaker and I arrived late and ran 1. -I took a while to warm up and my in cadence counting, i.e. stopping at random numbers and not varying the tone/volume when I intended for the pax to stop. Also, assigned varying rep count numbers that were difficult to remember and easily confuse myself and this bunch. -Great fellowship and some pretty good work was had by all! Now let me see how much of this workout I can accurately recall.

One Minute Warning:



The weather: 60ish

 Warm up Mosey Lap and Circle up

SSH X 12 IC, 5 Burpees, Michael Phelps X 12IC, 4 Burpees, Imperial Walkers X12IC, 3 Burpees, Air Squats X 12IC, 2 Burpees, Merkins X12IC, 1 Burpee.  

The Thang:

Starting on one of the soccer fields we did suicide runs between 7 light poles that were about 30-40 yards apart. At each light pole on the down run perform 3 burpees and 5, 2 count Mt. Climbers. At the start of each “back run” perform a core exercise, laddering up with another core exercise on top of the previous, for each of the 7 rounds. Recover!

Mosey back to the picnic shelter

We did three Tabata Circuits as follows:

20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds of each circuit. 

Circuit 1: Legs

Alternate SSH/Run in Place with Bonnie Blairs, Squats Jumps, Monkey Humpers, and Bobby Hurley’s. 

Circuit 2: Chest/Shoulders/Arms

Alternate SSH/Run in Place with Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Shoulder Taps, and dips on the bench

Circuit 3: Burpee and more burpees

Alternate SSH/Run in Place with Burpees, Half-Burpees, Burpees again, and Mt. Climbers,


Went around to each Pax for 3 minutes of Mary.  Soaker=25 LBC’s, Lego= 25 Heel Touches, Duff=30 seconds of 6 inches (are one and only TWSS), Gravedigger=25 American Hammers, Coondog=I don’t remember (Sorry CD, I’m sure it was awesome!), knowzit=10 windshield wipers.



  • Gauntlet October 18th.
  • Cheech 10K in November
  • IPC at Shank on Thursday


  • Mulligan’s daughter is having surgery.
  • Lego’s elderly neighbor.
  • Coondog’s Grandmother.
  • Pax dealing with depression, etc…  


From a book i am reading by Matt Chandler called, Family Discipleship. A parent is the most influential person that a child will ever have (that’s a HUGE responsibility we have, especially fathers).. It’s never too late or too soon to disciple one’s family. 

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