• When: 2021-09-30
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Hoist, Wild Hog (R), Slum Lord (R), Dangle (R), Stalker, Cramps, Inspector Mom, Frizzle, Cheers

Bear Crawls, Running Around, and Band Camp Conversations at The Hollow

YHC finally got more than one person to show up for one of his Hollow Q’s!  We almost had double digits today and hopefully that trend continues. We also talked about the band athletes, who do a lot more exercising than some football players.  Some of our local bands get more applause than the football teams.  You know who you are.  Great work to all.  Thanks for the guest spot!

Here’s how it went:

Conditions: Clear, mid 60’s

One minute warning, then disclaimer, then prayer

COP in the parking lot:

SSH x 10

TTT x 10

LBAC x 10 each way

The Thang:

Grab a block and head to the small football field adjacent to Olde Farm Rd, line up on line:

  • Block bear crawl x 10 count (each drag = 1)
  • 5 blockees after 10 drags
  • Rinse and repeat until we reach far end zone, 100 yards

At end zone:

  • Lunge with block x 20
  • BBSU x 25
  • Rinse and repeat all the way back to original end zone
  • Goal was to get 100 BBSU

Put up blocks and go to corner of parking lot for 4 corners:

  • At each corner, do the following exercises x 25
  • Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBC
  • 100 of each exercise

Finish at flag:


  • American Hammer x 25 (2 count)
  • 6 inches for 1 minute
  • Flutter kicks x 25 (2 count)
  • Hello dollies x 25
  • In and Outs x 25



  • 10/18-10/29: Gauntlet
  • 11/13: Cheech 10k


  • Notebook
  • No Show
  • Spackle
  • Slim Jim
  • Shop Vac from the low country, died this week, prayers for his family
  • Cramps and family; family dog is not doing well
  • Cupcake is having COVID symptoms
  • Sick and injured PAX
  • Marriages
  • Our country


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It’s a quote routinely attributed to Edmund Burke. But it turns out falsely so. Apparently, he never uttered these words. At best, the essence of the quote can be traced back to the utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill.  Either way, the spirit of the quote remains the same.

Psalm 24 better illustrates this sentiment:

If you do nothing in a difficult time,

your strength is limited.

Rescue those being taken off to death,

and save those stumbling toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we didn’t know about this,”

won’t He who weighs hearts consider it?

Won’t He who protects your life know?

Won’t He repay a person according to his work?

However, we are bound by our Creator to step in during difficult times.  We are asked to protect our houses and our families.  We are asked to set difficult guidelines for our children so that they are raised properly and be responsible for their actions.  We are asked to be responsible for our own actions and stand up against the enemy who is trying to make invade us constantly.  Evil enters our houses through TV, computer, cell phones, and even through boredom.  We have to constantly be on the lookout and protect our houses.

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