• When: 2017-10-20
  • QIC: Puck (I think)
  • The PAX: Puck, Tongue&Groove, Penfold, Anut Bee, Happy Meal, Stay Puff, Sparky, Happy Trees, Caboose, Danger Mouse, Urkel, Shankapotomus (respect)

Rooster conspiracy theories

The men of Batesburg-Leesville have been a true inspiration and have also been a huge help and encouragement over the last year. The last 9 months or so, have been hard.  YHC went from running in 30Ks to crutches, no meds to a self full, posting 5 days a week to barely posting at all.  The men at Smokehouse, Rooster, and CAT have been a lot of help and support.

These guys continued to amaze this morning.  YHC was expecting about 6 pax in the gloom, evenly split between ruckers and runners. Yet no one would put their name on the Q sheet. Happy Trees claimed that he was going to take the Q even though he is nursing a hurt back.  YHC arrived at the Rooster looking forward to a 45 min ruck with his brothers.  This was also going to be the last F3 workout for a while because of an upcoming surgery. YHC has 6 weeks on crutches and another 4 months of  taking it easy to look forward to.  Taking it easy is not something an F3 man can easily tolerate.

Upon arrival at the Rooster, YHC got out his ruck and starting getting ready for a nice easy 2 miles.  The pax just kept coming in.  Eventually, 12 pax had assembled by 5am.  When Happy Trees appeared to be falling down on the job and not calling for the 1 minute warning, YHC did it for him.  At this point it was revealed that a plot most foul was hatched against yours truly. The pax conspired to put YHC on the Q sheet. All these pax had come to wish YHC luck and a speedy recovery. All 12 pax were here to ruck because that is what YHC was going to do. This is an incredible group of men.



The Thang

The pax, all Ruckers or walkers took a diagonal across the park to Bernard St.

Once at Bernard all pax did 5 Merkins w/rucks

The pax took Bernard to Trotter St.  At the intersection of Trotter and Bernard all the pax did 5 Merkins and 5 Squats w/rucks

The pax then continued on Bernard to the intersection with Clamp Dr.  At the intersection with Clamp Dr, all the pax did 5 Merkins, 5 Squats, and 5 lunges (each leg) w/rucks

The pax then continued the long decent down to Lick Creek.  The temperature dropped noticeable as we approached the bridge.

Once at the bridge YHC assembled the Pax for 10 Merkins

An about face was made and the long ascent up the Lick Creek Climb began.  Once back at the intersection with Clamp Dr. The pax stopped to perform 10 Merkins and 10 squats w/Rucks

Once back at the Flag all the pax did 10 Merkins,, 10 Squats, and 10 lunges (each leg) w/rucks

The 2nd F was strong this morning

Count o rama

Name o rama

Honorable Mentions/Naked-man moleskin

StayPuff, it is bad form to tell the Q that you could drink your coffee during his workout.

T-claps to Urkel for taking charge of his household, putting his foot down and telling his M that Friday @5am is Rooster and not a time for her to go the gym.

T-claps to Tounge&Groove for getting way to close to my phone during the name o rama

T-claps to Penfold, Danger Mouse, and Happy Meal for putting an another mile run after the ruck this morning.  Solid work fellas.


Cheech 10K November 11th

Hairy Bison 15K/30K trail run 11/18 (free)

Happy Trees, despite the deception this morning, will be taking over the duties of AOQ while YHC is out with hip surgery.