• When: 2018-01-09
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Cheddar, Double Fault, Forrest, Hopper, House, Spackle, Rebar, Digger, Breaker Breaker, Nature Boy, Bulldog, Booster

Post FB fun on the FB field

11 PAX posted with YHC for what YHC thinks is his 3rd consecutive day after the CFP Championship Q somewhere. First time ever at a Graveyard bootcamp, they get started a little too late for me to post there regularly, but great group of men there. Thanks for the invite Bulldog and the warm welcome from the Graveyard regulars.

Conditions– Hot (35 degrees) and clear

Disclaimer- prayer- head down the stairs- take a lap around the field- circle up at the 50

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm circles, Overhead arm claps, merkins, squats all IC x 15

Mosey to the goal line for a plank with various planking exercises for the 2 minutes of planking. Next, starting at the goal line:

  • Sprint to 50- 50 squats
  • Backpedal to 10- 10 burpees
  • Sprint to other 40- 40 overhead claps
  • Backpedal to 20- 20 merkins
  • Sprint to other 30- 30 monkey humpers
  • Backpedal to 30- 30 monkey humpers
  • Sprint to other 20- 20 merkins
  • Backpedal to 40- 40 overhead claps
  • Sprint to other 10- 10 burpees
  • Backpedal to 50- 50 squats
  • Sprint to other goal line and plank

In order to get back to original goal line, PAX had to perform a different animal movement every 10 yards. Bear crawl, frog jumps, duck walk, crab walk, bunny hops. Each time you get to a 10 yard line you have that number of squat jumps, without the 0. 10-1, 20-2, 30-3,etc….

Back to goal line and plank for 6

Staying on the goal line for some exercises IC

  • Hydraulics IC
  • Shoulder taps IC
  • Walking merkins IC both ways

Straddle a line for some quick hops

  • Front back
  • Side to side
  • Scissors
  • Couple others that don’t really have a name

6 min of mary

Back up the stairs


Forrest won Graveyard Fantasy Football Trophy

Prayer requests:

Praise- Spackle

Booster’s family

Devo: Patience like Joseph

  • Paraphrasing from the end of Genesis, we find Joseph, the favored son of Jacob, seeing a vision from God of him ruling over his older brothers. This made his brothers jealous and over the course of his younger years Joseph experienced a rough go of it. His brothers wanted to kill him, they ended up selling him into slavery in another country, then Joseph worked for Potiphar, was wrongly accused by Potiphar’s wife of trying to sleep with her, and sentenced to prison. But during all of Joseph’s trials, Genesis reiterates that the Lord was with him. Joseph continued to live for the Lord, and whatever it was that he was doing (working at Potiphar’s house, working in the prison, etc.), he did it to the best of his ability and for the Lord. Ultimately, we read that Joseph became second only to the king in Egypt, powerful and mighty, and ultimately ruling over his brothers just as God told him he would.
    • I see this story as a story of exceptional patience and trust in the Lord. Joseph had all these things thrown at him that were completely opposite of what God told him in his vision, yet he worked hard and continued to live for the Lord. I think we can all take something from this story, that no matter where we are in life as it relates to our work, our financial situation, relationships, etc…., we must be patient while living for the Lord.