• When: 2019-11-09
  • QIC: Fiji
  • The PAX: Loose Screw, Convoy, Socrates & YHC

Plaque Sheering is a Northern Thing..

Strut 34 degrees, Sunrising and most beautiful chilly morning .. Humidity 60%.
Strut Elevation 358’..
Great time of year to post and push each other.. Fart Sack is over rated..
Plaque Sheering is a Northern thing that happens when it gets cold and you fall face down in the snow and hope someone finds you.. Don’t be that guy..

Warm Up
Mosey around parking lot to chinup Bar

Overhead arm claps X10 IC
Arm Circles X 10 IC
Wind Mills X 10 IC
Squats X 10 IC
Lunges X10 IC

Chinup Bars
Chinups X5

Mosey to Playground for Mary
Flutter Kicks X 25 IC
Kne raises on bar X10 OYO
Lo Planks – 60 Seconds
Left Side Plank 30 Seconds
Right Side Plank 30 Seconds

Mosey to Soccer Field for some 4 Corners
Ist Corner 10 Merkins OYO
2nd Corner 9 Merkins OYO
3rd Corner 8
4th Corner 7
No hidden reason for the number of merkins just made it simple due to the cold..

Second 4 Corner
1st Corner 10 Imperial Walkers OYO
2nd Corner 9
3rd Corner 8
4th Corner 7

Mosey to Hotdog Stand
Calf Crunch X25 OYO
Rows X25 OYO
Iron Cross X25 OYO
Wall Sit X A long time

Rock pile
Overhead Press X25 OYO
Trisep Extensions X25 OYO
Curls X25 OYO

Whats Happening
Strut Lake Murray Lunch Steves Burgers Wednesday the 13th 12 Noon –New Location..
F3 Locktite Backpacking trip to Sassafras Mountain November 23rd & 24th
F3 Lake Murray After Christmas Party January 11th at Portrait Hill