• When: 2019-11-07
  • QIC: Booo
  • The PAX: Booster, Swanson, Wilbur, Sunday Driver, Tater, Treadmill, Pickaxe, Chheddar (R), Buttermaker (R), Globogym, Little Giants, Tattoo, Booo

Rolling the Dice

13 PAX began with side straddle hops, moseyed, did 10 little baby arm circles, moseyed, did 10 more little baby arm circles, moseyed, did through the tunnel and moseyed to the brickpile.  Each PAX got a pair of bricks and moseyed to the hill by the steps.

Then, the PAX took turns rolling the superhero dice, which determined what exercise would be called.

Atom = napalms, Superman = brick swings and shoulder presses, Batman = calf raises and merkins, Wonder Woman = curls for girls and tricep extensions, Flash = run to the soccer goal and run uphill and Joker = PAX has to tell a joke.

Atom was rolled 3 times for 30 napalms in cadence, Superman was rolled 3 times for 20 swings in cadence and 20 shoulder presses in cadence, Batman was rolled 4 times for 35 calf raises in cadences and 20 OYO hand release merkins, Wonder Woman was rolled 5 times for 75 curls for girls in cadence and 40 tricep extensions in cadence, Flash was rolled 3 times for 3 quick runs and Joker was rolled several times and jokes were shared.


Convergence at Stride

Next Saturday, TP closed for Cheech 10K


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Big Box of Chocolates