• When: 2019-11-09
  • QIC: Lunchable
  • The PAX: Joanna, Devito, Lorena, Milk Man, Dracula, Bellhop, Fool's Gold, Spano, Speedo

Tour de Ballentine Beat Down

10 PAX, including 2 early risers, posted for Saturday boot camp with no promises of handball whatsoever. Big T-claps to everyone that did show for braving the arctic vortex-like cold (otherwise known as a fine fall day to those born north of the Mason-Dixon line) to make themselves better. PAX did get better, even though the mumblechatter did seem to indicate a potential mutiny at various times throughout.

Conditions: Cold, frosty (i.e., beautiful)

Tha Thang:

  1. Moseying commenced immediately for a true tour-de-Ballentine Park. PAX stopped periodically for the following:
    • Squats
    • Merkins
    • Walking lunges
    • More merkins
    • Big Boys
    • Dips (sorry pull-up bars, your time will come)
  2. Next to the little kids soccer field for for some fun with legs. PAX bear crawled across the short length of the soccer field, followed by 20 squats. Rinse and repeat x3.
  3. PAX then ran across both little soccer fields and did 10 merkins. RInse and repeat x3.
  4. Lunge walk across short length of soccer field. Rinse and repeat x3.
  5. Commence moseying around the edge of the soccer fields.
  6. After dirty looks and some quiet talk of a pirate-style mutiny, PAX inchwormed across the little soccer field (props to Pothole for the inspiration).
  7. I forget what happened next. I think I blacked out…
  8. Head back to parking lot for some Mary:
    • Captain Thors x10 OYO
    • Plank for 20 count IC
    • Freddy Mercurys x20 IC
    • Plank for 20 count IC
    • Around the circle for some extra Mary since YHC finished a little early. Some regret will remain for disregarding YHC’s advice to recover-recover and push forward with Spano’s choice, which ended being a final round of 10 additional burpees to finish off.


  • Reminder about camping trip to Sassafras mountain. Come spend time in a tent with Fool’s Gold and Joanna.
  • Coffeeteria to follow