• When: 2021-09-02
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Lego, Doc Lovin' (R). Doo Dah (R), Knozit (R), Gills, Ramrod, Runaway, Coon Dog, Soaker

IPC Week 0 – Merkins and Miles

YHC enjoyed last night…the Q was already planned. All I had to do was right it out on the tiny board. Well, after 30 seconds, my work was done. Nothing left to do except crush some oreo cookies and a glass of milk. Done.

9 pax showed up to kick off IPC 2021 in style. It would have been more stylish if YHC had remembered to bring his speaker for some tunes. As it turns out, the speaker was left by the front door and we worked out in the sound of silence. These men crushed the workout and are looking forward to next week.

The men showed up early for some OYO stretching and then we got after it.

1 minute warning, no FNG’s, not much of a disclaimer outside one pay disclaiming he had a case of jock itch, Opening Prayer.

100 merkins

800m run

75 merkins

1200m run

50 merkins

1600m run

25 merkins

2000m run


Yep, that’s it. All merkins were completed in proper form and if one wanted to substitute the word mosey for run, one would be closer to the truth.

Finishing times will be posted. YHC is proud of these men for taking the red pill and pushing themselves through a beatdown.


Shawshank pool party – Saturday, 2pm, Vinters Wood

9/11 challenge on 9/18 – find a team and enjoy

Prayer requests:

Garth and family

Lego’s dad

Victims of hurricane


Closing prayer.

Devo – Leave a legacy worth remembering. Psalm 145:4 – One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.

Be remembered as a man pointing others to Jesus.

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