• When: 2021-01-26
  • QIC: Harp(R)
  • The PAX: Honeybun (R), Deadstick (R), Katniss (R), Harp (R), Finch, Sauerkraut, Bunkbed, Emmy, Ebert, Peta, Flea, Brainiac, Tinkle, Ralphie

Harp(ing) on 7 years of F3

The Q first posted at Depot on January 25th, 2014 from an EH by a long time friend (soon to be known as Doublecheck).  That morning was a crisp 12 degrees and within about 90 seconds of the start of the workout, YHC was pretty sure this day would be his last.  Somehow YHC survived and kept coming back.   YHC wanted to be sure to share a bit of that downpainment with the men of Snakepit who came out to celebrate this anniversary.

1 minute warning


Opening prayer

Mosey down to the wide stairs


26 SSH IC (26 conference titles for YHC alma mater)

6 TTT IC..low and slow (6 playoff appearances)

3 4 count Merkins IC (3 national titles)

You can’t have winners without losers, so in honor to a local rival,

IC Burpess with Manmakers and a spiderman Merkin built in

0 = rivals SEC and national titles

**Pax did not appreciate the transition “…In cadence, ready…..recover.”**

The Thang:

Sprint up the wide stairs

50 Squats

Bearcrawl down all 5 landings

Mosey to pullup station

5 pull ups

Up the stairs

40 squats

Bearcrawl down 4 landings

4 pullups

Rinse and repeat dropping 10/1 each time.

Pick up the 6 and continue bear crawling, squats, and Pull-Ups finish together

To finish out our time,  Pax did a burpee treehouse.  Pax pair up and as follows:

Pax 1 = 1 burpee, then  Pax 2 = 1 burpee

Pax 1 = 2 burpees, then Pax 2 = 2 burpees

Rinse and repeat ascending count until both pax complete 11 burpees (66 total)

Everyone picked up the six and did an additional 11 burpees for 77 burpees total

Mosey back to the flag

Count o rama

Name o rama

Prayer requests HB’s mom (others YHC forgot in later turmoil)

Closing prayer

Who has my keys?


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