• When: 2021-03-25
  • QIC: Duckie
  • The PAX: Stretch, Booboo, Dos Equis, Wally, Misfire, Zima, Bindi

Hammer Mental Battle

Conditions: Weather was a perfect 58ish but moist.

The Thang:

TClaps to McNugget for the idea to bring the F3 Mental Battle workout to Hammer. Today’s workout was a slightly modified version of the F3 – The Fort Pre-blast here https://f3thefort.com/category/pre-blast/ (on twitter https://twitter.com/F3Battle)

It was an honor to lead the PAX this morning. A few minor substitutions were made here and there (note to self, bigger font on the Weinke in the future!), and a lap around the field after each set was added. PAX were encouraged to share their experience of mental health issues either with themselves or someone they know.

M Merkins  OYO
E El Capitan (alternate regular lunge) OYO
N No Surrenders OYO
T Tony Hawk Burpees  OYO
A American Hammer IC
L lunges. IC

B Bobby Hurleys OYO
A Alternating side squats. OYO
T Thigh masters. (Slow, IC)
T Twinkle Toes (IC)
E Extreme flutter kicks (IC) (slow flutter kicks)

R Rosalita Wips. IC
Everest  OYO
A Alphabet (spell with feet from flutter kick position). OYO
C Calf raises. OYO
H Hand release Merkins. OYO

O Outlaw. OYO. Draw an O. 5-10x Both ways
U Up Downs .  Pax together.
T Toy soldiers. IC

After one round of the Mental Battle workout, because of time, YHC decided to do some upper body work for the last 10 minutes of various dips, pullups, and merkins followed by wall-sits and one legged wall sits.


Valhalla convergence Saturday at Spring Valley Baptist Church 6:30 AM.

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