• When: 2020-07-07
  • QIC: Mercy Rule
  • The PAX: Mercy Rule, Iron Mary (R), Dangle (R), Slumlord (R), Stalker, Wild Hog, Honey Boo Boo

Grip Strength

On a warmish day 7 PAX braved the fartsack for Mercy Rules return to the Hollow. Some of the regulars were missing but Im sure they had an excuse better than a slight chance of rain…

Disclaimer / Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey to the block pile and pick 2 winners per PAX. As there was a chance of rain we headed next to the breezeway to have some shelter if needed. As happens often it rained for a maximum of 5 minutes during the workout.

Circle Up…


IW X 15 IC


We counted out 5 pillars supporting the breezeway and that was our target distance. Each PAX would travel to the fifth pillar and back 2 times. We would alternate between overhead carry and farmers carry. After the PAX completed each trip they would complete various exercises called out by YHC. Shrugs, Tricep Extensions, Curls for the gurls, Merkins, BBSU’s. After the first evolution the forearms were really smoked so I figured we would take a quick break. I called out for all PAX to meander (IM really loved this word. The IM that showed up not the IM that HC’d and then fartsacked) to the breezeway for various ab exercises. We then continued to the second and third evolution’s in which the above occurred all over again but only traveling to the 4th and third pillars.

YHC called for the PAX to return their blocks and the 100 yards to the block pile seemed like an ultra marathon after the farmers carries already completed.

There was a little time left over so we finished up with a few last ab exercises and then time was called. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Love the men of the hollow. They are always quick to work hard and even quicker to play hard!


CAT 5 for Saturdayvergence

BRR teams need runners

Prayer requests:

The Country

All those affected by coronavirus

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