• When: 2021-02-11
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Puck, Shankopotomus-R, Hollywood-R, Urkel, Wilson, Belding, Nub

Gloomy Gloom Tag

Well 8 loyal Smokehouse pax venture out into the gloomy gloom careful to dodge the deer in the parking lot entrance so that they could endure another “boring” Nub Q.  You see Nub loves him some calf raises but some pax, who we’ll not name…URKEL…cough cough, likes to do his normal ribbing when those come out.  Hey, I’m just trying to sexy up the legs of the Smokehouse pax like YHC’s are, I mean its for your own good Urkel!!!  I digress into the 1 min warning, disclaimer, and opening prayer and then as the mosey to the brick pile starts, talk of Botox fills the air…I mean if I had not heard the context, I’d be beginning to wonder about ya’ll and since I did hear the context, yes I most definitely wonder about ya’ll!!!  On to the brick pile and then to the center of the practice field (you know like all our old school hardcore beatdowns used to start before Swayze made us soft).  COP consisted of Calf Raises w/bricks overhead, TTT, Dirty Birds, OHC’s and more Calf Raises.  

Mosey to the track and partner up.  Plan for Tag was laid out, P1 at starting line starts doing Calf Raises while P2 runs 50 yds and starts doing LBAC’s w/bricks then P1 backwards runs to tag partner.  P2 then proceeds to run another 50 yds and does more LBAC’s waiting to be tagged again by partner keep this back the way you came and P2 will get back to start first and they will do the Calf Raises until partner finishes round.  Round 2 the partners will switch order of start and do the same scenario only switching out the exercises by doing Curls4Girls in the middle sections.  Once Round 2 is complete then we recover mosied to the field and line up on the goal line.  These would be completed OYO and start with 5 Shoulder tap Merkins, tap Merkin tap Merkin thats 1 and increase by 5 at the 50 yd line and at the other goal line then run back to start, pax will do heel taps while waiting for the six then a round of heel taps IC, maybe I should have done Calf Raises but I figured that would be BORING.  Next round was same #’s but substitute Gorilla squat Jumps for the exercises, heel taps on the six then another round of heel taps IC.  Mosey towards brick pile but stop short and circle up again for more Calf Raises, Dirty Birds, OHC’s and more Calf Raises.  Bricks up and back to flag.  One minute of heel taps IC then TIME called.

Count/Name o Rama

Announcements:  Dam 2 Dam coming 

Prayers: Babe’s niece, school students struggling w/ bad home life situations.

Closing Prayer/BOM

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