• When: 2021-11-11
  • QIC: Skipper
  • The PAX: Pax: Dufresne (Respect), Change Order (Respect), Treebark, Hope Solo, Heisenburg, Sully, Rag Doll (Respect), Weed, Rico, Stats (Respect), May Plant (Mad Respect), Bolt (Respect), Kiffin, Tweetsie, Abby Wambach (Respect), Sacagawea (Respect), Abacus (Respect), Mayhem (Respect) Harper Valley (Respect), Shrute, Cornwallis (Respect), Skipper (Respect)



Warm Up at the Flag
Our Goal for today is to be fast paced and push our partners to be as quick as possible
1) Side Straddle Hops in cadence: 15
2)  Squat on your own: 15 
3) Little Baby Arm Circles in cadence: 15 forward & 15 backward

You and your partner will start at opposite spots for each of the stations.  You will not be racing against your partner; however, you will be at a quick pace to push him the best you can.  After the first exercise of 15 reps, then you will go to the other side and do 15 reps of the next exercise until each of you has done 3 sets of 15.  Then the pax will be instructed to do another pair of exercises.  4 Different locations. Weather = A Beautiful 44 degrees!

Partner Up and head to the Water Fountain            
Station 1 at the Water Fountain            
1) 3 x 15 of Right Leg Step Ups     2) 3 x 15 of Left Leg Step Ups      
  3 x 15 of Iron Cross       3 x 15 of Push Ups      
Station 2 get bricks and line up on the curb            
1) 3 x 15 Side Raises     2) 3 x 15 Front Raises      
  Front Lunge w/ Bricks to other side       Front Lunge w/ Bricks to other side      
  3 x 15 Flutter Kicks       3 x 15 Curls      
  Backwards Lunge w/ Bricks back        Backwards Lunge w/ Bricks back       
Station 3 get blocks and line up at the center light            
1) 3 x 15 Block Press     2) 3 x 15 Block Overhead Press      
  Hallelujah Walk to other side       Hallelujah Walk to other side      
  3 x 15 Bunny Hops over the Block       3 x 15 Block Kettle Bells      
  Backwards Hallelujah Walk back       Backwards Hallelujah Walk back      
Station 4 To the Tennis Courts (One set of 11’s in honor of 11/11 Veteran’s Day)            
11’s: Merkins    and   Freddy Mercury’s – run to the other side and backwards run back to the beginning side            
Announcements: N/A
Prayer Request: Salute to our Veterans, Rad Doll requested prayers for Mrs. Francis Morris, May Plant requested prayers form Mr. Steven Smith

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