• When: 2021-11-09
  • QIC: Weed
  • The PAX: Mayhem (respect), Abacus (respect), Sacajawea (respect), Bolt (respect), Dufresne (respect), Skipper (respect), Hope Solo, Big Load, Tree Bark, Ragdoll (respect), Stats (respect), Schrute, Change Order (respect), Tweetsie, Cornwalis (respect), Whaler (respect), Weed (Q)

Weed’s Backblast

37F – clear and crisp


  • Count off 1,2 – 1=bricks, 2=blocks, medicine balls 
  • Meet at light pole 
  • SSH x 25 IC 
  • Through the tunnel x 20 IC 
  • LBAC x 15 IC then reverse 

 Chesnut St Hill 

  • Top – Smurf jacks x 15, ATM x 20 
  • Bottom – toe-touch crunch left x 20, ttc right x 20 
  • Run to Union St 

 Union St Hill 

  • Bottom – Copperhead Squats x 35, Ranger Merkins x 20 
  • Top – LBC x 30, 4x4x4 
  • Run back to light pole 

 Death Star 

  • Block people – partner with someone with bricks 
  • One does exercise, other goes around circle with block/bricks overhead  
  • 300 chest presses with block – partner runs with bricks 
  • 200 bicep curl to press with bricks – partner runs with block 
  • 200 bent rows with block – partner runs with bricks 
  • 200 curls with block – partner runs with bricks   


 A little more shoulder work than I anticipated but I appreciate everyone hanging in there.  Always an honor to lead! 


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