• When: 2018-03-10
  • QIC: Milli Vanilli and Hemingway
  • The PAX: Milli Vanilli and Hemingway

@F3Cryptonite 2 Man Murph

The Murph was called for, so one and 1/2 Pax completed the task. Unfortunately, YHC had to punch the Daddy Duty clock at 6:30, but Milli Vanilli did not let my early departure slow him down.

Conditions: 41 and Good



The Murph (YHC left after 1 mile, 50 Pull ups, 100 Push ups, and 150 Squats)

And because Milli Vanilli is a BEAST…

3×20 Tire Abuse w/ Sledgehammer

3×20 Leg Abuse Tire Step Up while holding Sledgehammer (10 per side)

100 LBCs

10 Dips

MV’s Murph: 35:19 (Awesome!)

COT (I’m Guessing)

Name-O-Rama (I’m Guessing)

Announcements-P200 and Christmas Party (I’m Guessing)