• When: 2018-03-09
  • QIC: Choo Choo
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Chair, Choo Choo, Columbo, Dark Room, Elaine, Inuit, Milk Bone, Ocho Cinco, Pajanimal, PC, Pole Position, Pony Boy, Tuff Guy

Stampede Doing Work

The PAX of Stampede have been pretty active the last couple of weeks so I wanted to commend them. Palmetto 200 training has got these men focused! And those not participating in the P200 are still posting to encourage the team which is appreciated.

Here’s Stampede’s count going back a couple weeks:
2/23/18  7
2/26/18  5
2/28/18  7
3/2/18    7
3/5/18    5
3/7/18    8
3/9/18    6

Here are just some of the routes covered:

In addition to that:
8 PAX completed the Dam2Dam 100k relay (2 teams) 2/24/18
1 PAX completed the Black Mountain Marathon 2/24/18
1 PAX completed the Tokyo Marathon 2/24/18
1 PAX completed 42+ miles @ Harbison State Forest 3/3/18
3 PAX ran P200 legs on 3/3/18
8 PAX put in 170 miles on STRAVA last week alone (and that’s not the full representation of TheHerd)

Real proud of these men and continuously encouraged by them.

Over the next 2 weeks, try to post to encourage the P200 Team by posting 5:30 AM Mon/Wed/Fri at Parkland Plaza in Cayce. And on Friday 3/22/18 – Saturday 3/23/18 say a little prayer for Team F3LexTheHerd and all the other teams making the 207 mile journey from Columbia to Charleston.

YHC would love to get some old faces we haven’t seen in a while and some brand new faces out to run soon! Spring is around the corner! Sorry if I forgot anyone or any accomplishments! SYITG