• When: 2018-06-26
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Slum Lord, Irrev, Boucher, Hoist, Half Empty, Brick, All 9's, Ranger, Honey BooBoo, Stalker, Kenwood, Juice

Easy Morning at the Hollow

It’s always good to get out to The Hollow.  When YHC rolled in for stridelite I was greeted by one of the guys that EH’d me, Kenwood. I am thankful he worked to get me out here. Several more pax rolled in for a little foreplay, 3 for rucklite and 2 for stridelite.  When 5:15 came the fun was over.  YHC heard Ranger mention that he showed up for an easy workout. He saw the Q sheet and knew it would be a good way to ease into the week.  Tried to keep it that way.  Below is what went down. Great work today men.

Conditions: 71, a little breeze but humid.


SSH x 20
TTT x 20
LBAC x 20 Forward
LBAC x 20 Reverse

Burpees, 10 every minute on the minute.  Recover with any time remaining in the minute.  Total 5 rounds for 50 Burpees.

Mosey around to the gym stairs for Forty’s:
Line up along the  curb.  Do 30 reps of 1st exercise then run up the stairs and do 10 reps of 2nd exercise.  R&R subtracting 5 reps from the 1st and adding 5 reps to the 2nd, until you complete 10 reps of 1st and 30 reps of 2nd.  Each lap always equals 40. You end up with 100 reps of each exercise.
Round 1- Dips and Flutter Kicks
Round 2- Incline Merkins and Gas Pumps
Round 3- Squats and LBC’s

Mosey back to flag dropping bricks off on the way.

Mary: All IC
Hydraulics x 15
American Hammer x 20
Shoulder Taps x 20
Freddie Mercuries x 20


BRR is coming
Sweet Baby O, August 4
Jailbreak Urban Challenge, August 18
Stomp the Swamp, August 25

Prayer request:
Irrev- traveling with church group to Texas



Galatians 5:13

Jesus commanded that we serve one another, but obeying this is not natural for us. Sure, there are times we like to help others. But service that involves self-sacrifice—especially for someone we deem undeserving—is much more difficult to do.

What does it mean to serve? Consider Christ’s example. He gave up everything in heaven to live among us, subjecting Himself to dishonor and human frailty. And He loved even those who rejected Him. Think about how He humbled Himself and washed the disciples’ feet at Passover. This was a disgusting, lowly task that a slave might be assigned—far from anything a king should do. He even knew these men were about to abandon Him but served them anyway.

Ultimately, Christ gave His life for us. And He did so while we were still sinners (Rom. 5:8). Serving others was His lifestyle—part of who He was and what He did. As His followers, we should strive to be like Him.

Therefore, service involves first dying to our selfish attitudes and motives. Only then can we live to glorify Christ. Jesus said that the greatest commandments are to love God wholeheartedly and to love others (Matt. 22:37-39). Ironically, it is only when we humbly serve others that we experience God’s fullness in our own lives.

Many try to achieve happiness by striving after their own desires. The result? Tired, unsatisfied people. True contentment happens only when we walk closely with Jesus. He shows where we can humble ourselves and take care of others. These actions, done through His strength, will be blessed.