• When: 2018-06-26
  • QIC: Rook
  • The PAX: 6-foot-Under, Bullfish, Hop Scotch, Neutron, Dance Mom, Tinkle, Emmy, Farmer, Steamer, Icarus, Honeybun, Kukoc, Harp, Finch, AWOL

Rook’s Snakepit VQ

YHC was a bit nervous Q’ing Snakepit for the first time. I’ve been to Snakepit four or five times and the Pax seem to bring it every time, so I knew I had to go hard to the paint to challenge this bunch. When the workout began, I had only met 2 of the 16 Pax previously, and only knew one by name. It’s kind of odd barking out instructions to a group of dudes you’ve never met. But in true F3 fashion, Snakepit was very welcoming and encouraging. And for whatever reason they kept asking to do burpees.

The thang

Lap around the parking lot with four stops
SSH x 20 (IC)
Through the Tunnel x 10 (IC) & Teapot Toe Touches x10 (IC)
Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC)
LBAC x10 F & x10 Reverse + Overhead claps

Warmup Part 2
Same lap around the parking lot with same four stops
10 Burpees x 4

The Workout
Gather around Center Cone on the football field for Ring of Fire
Hold Al Gore squat while each pax executes 10 squats in order

Death Star
Bear crawl to each star point with your group. Perform 20 reps of an exercise, dealer’s choice. Bear crawl back to the center point, and execute 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat, all five star points.

And finally, in honor of my good friend even prior to f3, Donatello, we did a Donatello. Donatello recently handed off the nantan duties in Johnson City. T-Claps to him for his work in NE Tennessee.

Pax help Q by barking out an exercise

Monkey Humpers x 20
Flutter kicks x 20
Box cutters x 10
and the very strong and brutal finish, Cherry pickers x 20

Ryan Rawl coming up on July 4
Pray for Bray 2-year anniversary coming up at Detention on 7/19. Blue Rhino and Stitches will co-Q in honor of Stitches 2-year anniversary of undergoing chemo.

Katniss Father-in-law in the hospital.
Hoboken traveling mercy