• When: 2020-12-01
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Rhonda, Heist, Ash, Corndog, Silver Bullet, Odyssey, Jar Jar

Crustaceans 12:1 says “Get Dirty” (McDeuce)

Conditions: 35 degrees and clear, light breeze.


Tha Thang: 7 faithful gathered for Legion/Woodshed at Hampton Memorial Park for a substitute Q by YHC, as TomTom suffered the indignity of a COVID exposure (so far negative, so good!). Little was promised, so hopefully I overdelivered.

Grab bricks and Mosey to the street for COP: Silent 21 SSH, failure, 5 burpees.

LBACs, squats, windmills, Russian twists, merkins. Mosey to Corner to start…the Dirty McDeuce.

Run 200m between all stations. While awaiting 6’s at various times, plank/Mary and sidethrusters. All exercises are 12 reps to a 4-count IC, each set with a torso, core, and leg.

1: Merkin, LBC, squat. Run.

2: Wide-arm merkin, flutter kick, jungle boi squats. Run

3: Drydocks, Ray Charles, Bonnie Blairs. Run.

4: Diamond merkins, pulseups, calf raises. Run.

Get cinder blocks. Partner up for Dora. 50 jump-over burpees, 100 curls, 100 thrusters while partner broad jumps 25m, then bearcrawl/crabwalk back. Modified distance/reps for time.

Line up for fast Indian Run. Lots of grumbling and brake-putting-on. #disappointed

Turkish get-ups with bricks, 5 each side.

Plank and ab work.


Announcements: AOQ handoff remains delayed. Likely Dealers choice Thursday unless somebody steps up.

Prayer requests: YHC’s mother-in-law Brenda recovering from heart attack, family of AC Flora student Bailey Pratt died in a wreck Saturday, Bloodwork’s family with adoption situation, Corndog’s dad’s knee surgery.

Devo: As below. Apparently this was derived partly from the book of Crustaceans per Silver Bullet. Basically, if you want to be impactful, start now, set priorities, get regimented, start small, and set yourself up for success not failure.

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