• When: 2022-05-24
  • QIC: Soaker
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Dunphy (R), Garth (R), Lego, Bing, Swanson, Hash & Rice, Cheers, Coon Dog, Soaker

Corner Chaos

YHC has heard it said that you cannot put a price tag on a real friend. Well, news alert…you can. The price tag is $1.80 plus tax. That’s right. For the low price of $0.90 per brick, YHC bought some friends today. YHC always wondered how much the pax of Shawshank were worth, and it became apparent while strolling through Lowe’s last night. $1.80 per pax. Discount price for solid dudes.

Tuesday morning arrived with 2 pax hitting SL, 4 pax hitting The Rock, and one blue jeep rolling across the parking lot because the parking brake was not set. Perfect start to the day.

Weather: 69 degrees, 94% humidity…sticky and warm. In other words, it was perfect.

1 minute warning, perfect disclaimer, no FNG’s, pray us in.

Mosey from the flag to YHC’s car. Bricks were laid out in pairs. Pax grabbed a pair…of bricks…and moseyed to the near soccer fields with sidewalk loop.

COP: SSH x 20 IC, Michael Phelps x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC.

The Thang:

One exercise is repeated at each corner, followed by 10 lateral raises. Take the lap, 4 corners, lots of reps, then move on to the next exercise.

Lap 1 – 15 burpees with bricks at each corner, followed by lateral raises.

Lap 2 – 50 merkins on bricks at each corner, followed by lateral raises.

Lap 3 – 50 lbc’s with bricks at each corner, followed by lateral raises.

Lap 4 – 75 squats with bricks at each corner, followed by lateral raises.

Recover and return to the flag.

The pax did not complain at all. This may have been the perfect Q. Ken Doll was happy because he got over a mile in during the BC. Cheers was happy because of the rep count. Dunphy was happy because he was not wearing his vest. Coon Dog was happy because he is still in his 30’s. Bing was happy because the hole in the orange shorts has not gotten any bigger. Swanson was happy because he has deep, bass voice the sounds cool in the gloom. Garth was happy because no one made fun of his compression socks. Lego was happy because he has not vomited since the other night. Hash & Rice was happy because he thought he was telling original jokes. YHC was happy because the gang was happy. 

Upon a little reflection, YHC was called an idiot today by someone whom he highly respects. YHC guesses the quest for the perfect Q continues. Pat Benatar and Debbie Gibson are not to be confused. Darn it. 


Carolina Reaper coming up – see Brick

Tough Mudder – Oct 8

Lego – one last race for the Spartan Trifecta – way to go, big guy!

Prayer requests – FIA pax with cancer (several) plus Ann (Swanson)

Lego’s dad – afib

Pray us out.

Devo: We have a very short time to make an impact on others. Life is like grass…sown, grown, mown, blown, gone. Strive to be an HIM every day. 

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