• When: 2022-05-19
  • QIC: Mayhem
  • The PAX: tats (respect), Mayplant ( MAD respect), Tin Man, Hope Solo, Neon (respect), Dufresne (respect), Sacajawea (respect), Tweetsie, Abacus (respect), Big Load, Whaler (respect), Schrute, Mayhem (respect)


Conditions: 70* with 89% humidity

Disclaimer/Intro: Not a professional, modify as needed. On Tuesday morning Schrute not only challenged us physically but also encouraged future Q’s to bring something extra to the group other than a workout. YHC accepted the challenge & decided to drop a little F3 knowledge on the group. Beneficial not only for newer members to the group but also some older members that may have forgotten.

Warm up

SSH x 25 IC


LBAC’s x 25 IC (forward/reverse)

Bear Planks X 25 IC  (Bear Plank = 4 count move. Start in plank position, move your right foot towards your right hand then left foot toward left hand. Left foot back to plank position, right foot back to plank position. That’s one rep. It’s like your bear crawling but not going anywhere.)

The Thang

PAX moseys to block pile to retrieve large coupons & meets at the nearest outside corner of the tennis courts to begin the escalator.

Manmakers x 10 OYO

Prison walk to the next corner (block overhead)

Manmakers x 10 OYO

Skullcrushers x 20 OYO

Prison walk to next corner

Manmakers x 10 OYO

Skullcrushers x 20 OYO

Curls x 30 OYO

Prison walk to next corner

Manmkers x 10 OYO

Skullcrushers x 20 OYO

Curls x 30 OYO

Chest presses x 40 OYO

What goes up must come down! PAX repeats all 4 exercises then cycles back thru, dropping one exercise at each corner.

Flutter kicks with blocks x 40 IC while the six catches up

Leave coupons & head to the tennis courts where PAX lines up down one side of tennis courts

Round 1

PAX bear crawls across courts to the far line & does 20 merkins then backwards bear crawls back to original line

Round 2

PAX lunge walks to other side & does 40 LBC’s then lunge walks back

Round 3

Pax forward crab walks to other side. Then Tbombs x 20 IC. The original plan was to crabwalk backwards back to the original line but the Q was running on fumes at this point!

PAX returns to their blocks for 10 more manmakers OYO

Never Again Dolly’s x 20 IC

PAX returns coupons to the pile & heads to the flag.


Count o rama & name o rama

No announcements

Prayer requests: Please pray for Schrute’s niece for full recovery of her hearing as she recovers from cochlear implant surgery. Dufresne reminded us to enjoy every day because we never know which one will be our last. Pointing out that we have recently lost several members of our community.

A few points of F3 shared this morning:

Fitness Fellowship Faith

Founders – David Dredd (Dredd) & Tim Whitmire (OBT)

35 guys posted on 01/01/2011 for the very first workout in a middle scool parking lot in Charlotte, NC

Has since grown to over 270 regions spanning 5 continents. AK, HI, ME, MA & RI are the only states currently without an F3 group. Estimated that over 60,000 men participate in F3 worldwide.

Mission Statement: To plant, grow & serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 Core Principals of F3: Always free of charge. Open to any man regardless of fitness level. Always outside-rain or shine, hot or cold. Always peer led. Always ends in a COT.

F3 Motto: Leave no man behind but don’t leave him where you find him.

Moleskin: One of the best things about F3 is there is only one requirement for membership – JUST SHOW UP!

As always, a pleasure to lead!


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