• When: 2021-10-27
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Karma, Butch, Bubbles, Surf&Turf, Blooper, Swiper, Pacman, Bed Pan, Closer, Hard Hat, Mater, Banjo, Lazy Boy, Bodette

Cool Ride On The Oyster Pain Train

F3 is a leadership organization that also happens to do physical workouts.

The mission of F3 is: To plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

Weather: 48 degrees, felt GREAT but a lot of pax showed up in long sleeves….not Bubbles, though

The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer. Pledge of Allegiance

During the previous two days of workouts YHC noticed that the Grand Strand Pax like to start with burpees, so we started with 10 burpees OYO.

Warmup Mosey down the street, around the block, and back to the start.


Imperial Walkers X 21 IC  since today is 10/27/21

Merkins X 10 on YHC’s count

Through The Tunnel X 27 IC

Quick review of the 5 core principles of F3 –

LBAC X 11 Forward IC

LBAC X 10 Reverse IC 


Mosey over the wooden walking bridge to the adjacent street to the pain train station.

Time for another ride on the pain train

Line up in the street.

  • Bear crawl about 10 yards to the small sign by the shuffleboard court. Complete 10 merkins and run back.
  • Repeat step 1 and continue about 20 more yards for 20 LBC’s. Run back to the start, stopping at the 10 yard mark for 10 merkins.
  • Rinse and repeat, adding 30 squats at the 30 yard mark, which was near the next shuffleboard court. Run back to the start, doing the exercises at the 20 and the 10 on the way back.
  • Rinse and repeat adding 40 calf raises at the 40 yard mark and return to the start line.
  • Rinse and repeat adding 50 BBSU at the 50 yard mark and return to the start line.

Pick up the six when you are done.

The pax were ready for a recovery run, so we ran down the street to the stop sign and back, stopping at every light to do one burpee for a total of 18 burpees.

Time to get to know your fellow pax better.

Circle up in the plank position. Each pax gave his F3 name, how long he has been in F3, and how he got his F3 name. Some elaborated even further and included sales pitches for their place of employment.

After each pax completed his talk, the group did one merkin together. With 15 pax present, some of whom were rather verbose, shoulders got tired. Eventually this activity was completed and everyone got to know more about their fellow pax.

Time for a real recovery run down the street without burpees, take a left or two and back to the shovel flag.

Time was expiring, but YHC introduced the pax to 22’s.

First round – complete one rep of merkins, squats and BBSU.

Second round – complete two reps of the same three exercises.

Normally rinse and repeat up to 22 reps of each exercise, but today we made it to 5 because there was one exercise that still had to be done…..

Flutterkicks X 38 IC for Cheech as YHC always does at every workout.



  • Halloween workout at Warthog this Saturday.

Prayer Requests

  • No Show
  • Unspoken requests


Philippians 4:13 ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

A lot of people think that F3 is a workout group, but really it is a leadership group that works out together. Now is the time for leaders like us to step up – but if we try to do it on our own we are headed for failure.

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